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Excerpt & Review of "The Uncommon Path" by Mick Quinn

"We are so accustomed to disguise ourselves to others
that in the end we become disguised to ourselves."

—Francois de La Rochefoucauld (1613-1680)

Here is a short excerpt, "Intuiting Oneness," from the Introduction to The Uncommon Path by Mick Quinn. His book is presented in a conversation format. The initial 'P' stands for Partner in this dialogue...

MQ: Life is a process of suffering propelled by the illusion of true free will.

P: Therefore, by understanding and accepting this false impression, I can let go of all unnecessary emotional and psychological suffering.

MQ: This is correct. Now, ask yourself this question: Would you bequeath your current state of spiritual health upon those you love?

P: Right now... I'm not so sure I would.

MQ: Would you confer that condition upon your children?

P: I don't think they would be too happy with that!

MQ: You are not alone. These questions are challenging for many people to conclude.

P: Why is it that after all of my attempts to find a direction, I am certainly wiser, but not truly at ease with bestowing my level of attainment to others? Is it possible that there is a part of me that covertly enjoys the anguish of endless questioning?

MQ: I don't think you choose to suffer. But because you correctly intuit your essential Oneness, you are constantly driven to greatness and to finding purpose.

P: Purpose... I've always wondered what my purpose is. How many of us leave this world without truly knowing. There are many things I'm good at, but little I seem to have done is of much social value. Purpose implies social value, doesn't it?

MQ: Absolutely. Purpose is what calls you to spring out of bed before dawn to get to work, on whatever that might be. Purpose is what makes you strive through all sorts of obstacles, sometimes with little concern for your personal comfort. Purpose allows you to combine all your most important relationships as one towards a goal, which you honestly don't really know you can ever reach. Purpose is the smile you wear, the hand you hold out, the glint in your eye, it's the wind in your sails, the breeze on your face.

P: I sometimes know what you speak of here.

MQ: Yet, despite your finest intentions, you are frequently unable to stabilize a consistent expression of purpose in your life, or peace and unity in your most cherished relationships.

P: True. My intentions are great, but the outcomes of my decisions are rarely aligned with those objectives.

MQ: This is because there are essentially two ways in which you can make choices. Throughout our conversation, we will examine the differences between conceptual-free-will and conscious-free-will. We will be looking at the ways in which you can include these liberating distinctions so as to express the Oneness you most correctly intuit.

P: With clarity on these differences I can surpass the circles of conflict and confusion?

MQ: Yes. When conceptual-free-will is transcended and included as an essential aspect of conscious-free-will, your glorious purpose is revealed. Otherwise, life may continue to be a process of suffering propelled by the illusion of true free will.

P: But will this always be so.

MQ: Consider this: What if the range of options available to you in regards to consistently accessing purpose, potential and the co-creation of a conscious future, were entirely limited by individual and collective conditioning, locked by conceptual-free-will, and that you were not aware of this fact?

P: OKay. Good point.

MQ: Then, where is your true free will?

P: Are you saying that I have choice but only up to a certain limit?

MQ: Yes, and that edge never extends beyond pre-set conditioned boundaries, let alone affords you the opportunity to fully awaken.

EVOLUTIONARY POINTER: To access and apply conscious-free-will means that you must have already developed objectivity on the root cause of suffering.
MQ: Only this perspective guarantees your success in awakening to inherited restraints. Otherwise there is no way you can be sure that concealed conditioning is not enthroned as the charismatic director of your quest to be free from unnecessary anguish.

Buy "The Uncommon Path" by Mick Quinn

Why this book appeals to me...
Mick Quinn offers here a clear and inspiring guide to uncovering our concealed conditioning and growing beyond it, on the road to awakening our full potential. Clearly exposing the kaleidoscope of distractions orchestrated by the Ego that keep us well clear of an authentic path, Quinn directly points us toward the next level of individual and cultural development. This couldn't come at a more appropriate time, with 2012 around the corner.

Each chapter of The Uncommon Path includes "Evolutionary Pointers" that distill the core concepts into a sentence or two that can easily be practiced throughout the day. Real-life examples appear throughout the book and guide the reader to integrate the insights into his or her career, relationships and everyday life. Regardless of their cultural background, belief system, or current spiritual practice, readers will find that this book is full of fascinating insights and many Aha! moments.

To awaken the wisdom within, we must first identify the life we have unknowingly constructed through concealed conditioning: those conversations, relationships and responses to life that curb the expression of our greatest potential. The Uncommon Path leads us from the complexity of conditioned idealism to the simplicity of authentic joy as we:

  • Verify that our path holds the potential for authentic joy.
  • Uncover the extent to which hidden aspects of ego may be directing our spiritual quest.
  • Recognize and renounce concealed conditioning.
  • Discover how to discern, decide and disregard disparaging thoughts and feelings.
  • Express our full potential by identifying restrictive conversations and relationships.
  • Reclaim consciousness in the future by harnessing the power of pure intentions.
  • Align personal values to impeccably direct our pure intentions with awakened choices.
  • Recall the power of selective silence in meditation and everyday life situations.
  • Bridge the gap between our spiritual life and our real life.
  • Relate to others beyond limitations in relationships free from personal conflict.
  • Discover how individual transformation is a meager but majestic beginning of the path.

Combining core aspects of Ken Wilber's Integral Theory, the simplicity of Dennis Genpo Merzel's Big Mind/Big Heart Process, the gentleness of Eckhart Tolle's wisdom, the directness of Andrew Cohen's teachings of Evolutionary Enlightenment, and practical exercises based on the lifework of I.C.F. founder, Thomas J. Leonard, The Uncommon Path, reveals the option of authentic joy and bridges the gap between the heights of Gnostic wisdom and our personal contemplation and inner knowing.

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