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How to Find Purpose and Happiness in Life

You may feel that you've lost your self-confidence, your passion, and your motivation to go on with your life. If you've lost your purpose in life, you should know that you are not alone; many people experience the same feelings right now.

A basic online search will reveal countless methods to find your passion in life. While this isn't a bad thing in itself, you should try to identify those things that work best for you.

Give Money, Talent, or Hours of Your Life

Helping others can provide purpose and direction - a solid reason to live and to flourish.

According to researchers, people who have strong social networks tend to be happier. Furthermore, being the one who "gives" in a relationship made those people feel they were leading purposeful lives.

There are many opportunities to show altruistic behaviors such as volunteering, donating money to charities or to non-profit organizations that fight for things you believe in, or simply lending a helping hand to people around you.

Whether you decide to help old ladies cross the street or you spend one weekend a month volunteering in a social center, doing something to help others will make you feel that you do have a purpose in life.

Hear the Feedback from Others

Sometimes, you may not find it easy to recognize those things that make you tick. Chances are that you already like doing a wide range of things, so you don't realize the important role they play in your life.

Fortunately, you can use people around you as a mirror of your passions. Your peers may already know what your purpose in life is.

Consider reaching out to some of these people to ask them what is the first thing that comes to their mind when they think about you. Also, pay attention to compliments coming from your friends. Write down all this information and start seeking for patterns.

Whether your peers think of you as being "the one that's always ready to tell a joke" or "the guy who loves helping the poor," learning how others perceive you might help you gain a better understanding of your greatest passions and missions in life.

Seek the Company of Positive People

Have you ever heard the saying that birds of a feather flock together? Pay attention to people use to surround yourself with. If you don't feel they are exactly what you need, consider finding some new friends to connect with.

This doesn't include co-workers or family members, as you may not be able to avoid spending time with them. Rather think about the people outside your work or your family. Who do you use to spend most of your time with?

If you seek the company of positive people, chances are you'll draw from their inspiration to become more positive yourself. Feeling purposeful and passionate is difficult when people around you are usually keen on making negative comments and wasting their time with annoying pet peeves.

Talk to New People Around You

Most of us use to browse social media while commuting or while waiting for someone. If this is also what you do, consider putting away your phone and start conversations with people around you.

Ask them general questions about their passions or about their current projects. Ask them what they used to do for fun. Find out whether they volunteer or donate to charity. You may find out that there are activities and career opportunities you never knew were possible.

You might find out about new travel destinations or new adventure opportunities. One of them might be the missing piece in the puzzle that would reveal your purpose.

Dig Deeper to Explore Your Interests

Are there any topics you enjoy talking about on Twitter or on Facebook groups? What kind of articles do you usually share with your friends and followers? You might discover that gardening or space explorations are among your most frequent conversation topics.

What kind of topics do you prefer to tackle in face-to-face meetings with your real life peers? Do you consider history an interesting topic? Are you keen on discussing the latest news on protecting the environment? Or do you have a passion for discovering new and creative ways to save money and to invest for your retirement?

Your favorite conversation topics and your most shared things on social media may reveal your true passions. Some of them may unknowingly provide you with a purpose in life.

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