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Simple Ways of Building
Self-Confidence as a Woman

By Jade C. Pulman

We are all born without it, and no one can possess it all the time. Also, opening conversations about it is not a guarantee you will acquire it. What am I talking about, self-confidence? Absolutely yes, and more often, we women suffer a lot in the process of developing it. We instinctively mind about others but not ourselves. So, for use, self-growth doesn’t occur naturally. To girls, they are always motivated to be passive and not to be too daring or confident. In the end, our focus is to build close links with other guys.

Through our interactions in media or physically, we see admirable models of women who believe in themselves. They possess a kind of audacity that appears to be difficult mastering.

So what are the ingredients these women utilize to create strong self-belief that’s enough to push the downfall of their powers? How are they able to continue trying even in the public eyes of humiliation and failure? If you questioned them, what they do to acquire confidence, the responses likely would include the following:

1. Stand tall

A tall stand tends to exude confidence. Therefore, if you want to be confident, you must make yourself look more prominent. Put keen observation on your conscious of how you market yourself between people throughout the day. While standing, keep your legs straight and together. Relax your knees when centering your weight on your lower body. Also, make sure to hold your head high with a firm body posture.

2. Maintain eye contact during conversations

Confident women give off enthusiasm during an interaction. One way of gaining self-confidence is through looking people in the eyes while speaking. However, it is necessary to maintain eye contact while others talk. Even after finishing talking, continue maintaining eye contact throughout the conversation. Keep off from common behaviors that may distract you, like looking at your phone or scanning the environment.

3. Gesticulate while communicating

Using hand gestures while talking can make you look animated about the topic. Enthusiasm and excitement can be an indicator of confidence about the matter at hand. Also, you may be felt confidence when you gesticulate during conversations.

4. Instill a fronting engagement

Fronting is aiming your torso directly to the person you are talking to. This can as well help you remain confident through direct involvement in the conversation. As you go through your day, remember your position during interviews.

5. Taking self-care of your body

It is difficult to feel better about yourself if you keep abusing your body. Having less sleep, feeding in unhealthy foods, and refraining from doing exercises will have an impact on your well-being. Studies show that activities boost confidence. Make self-care a priority. When you are physically relaxed, you will naturally feel confident about yourself. Also, ensure you dress to kill, do a little makeup but avoid too much exaggeration of your appearance. As a client, ask your artist what type of products she was using to ensure the best retention. For example, did you know there are different eyelash adhesives for different environments? Yes, depending on the occasion you will be participating ensure everything matches to fall out perfectly.

6. Avoid comparing yourself to other women

It doesn’t matter what kind of comparison you are making, whether salary comparison with your friends or how you look to friends on Facebook, the fact is comparisons aren’t healthy. This was also backed up on a 2018 study published in Personality and Individual Differences that found a direct relationship between envy and the way you react to yourself.

When you find yourself drawing a comparison, remind yourself that you are in your own lane and doing so isn’t helpful. Everyone is running their race, and life is not about competition.

Final Thoughts

It is prevalent for every woman to struggle with confidence issues at one time or another. But if your self-confidence issue exceeds to the extent of affecting your studies, your social life, or with your work, seek professional assistance.

Sometimes, low self-confidence may be as a result of experience like past traumatic events. At other times, it may be signs of mental illness. At the same time, it is also possible to be overconfident, and this can make you fail to take necessary actions. So the important thing is to have a healthy dose of self-confidence that helps you perform at your peak.

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