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Pushing Past the Things That Are Keeping You
from Your Happy Life

By Jade C. Pulman

Get Closer to Finding Your Inner Happiness

Many people get caught up in the hustle and bustle of everyday life and forget to do the things they enjoy. Most do not even notice when they stop enjoying life and start just getting through the days. This often brings feelings of unhappiness with the direction of their own life. There are several things that are keeping you from living your happy life. If you make small changes in your lifestyle, then you will be able to drastically improve your mental and physical health and become a happier person.

Fear Keeps You from Moving Forward

Fear is a powerful feeling. It can make you feel emotions that are unbecoming of you. Fear can stop you from living your happiest life. People often will not do something that they feel they need to do because they are fearful of the unknown. They worry about what will happen or if they will fail. Fear of change can stop you from reaching for your dreams because you have found your comfort zone where you are at. To take hold of your own happiness you must step out of your box and ignore the fear that is stopping you from moving forward.

Technology is the Root of All Evil

Is your smartphone addiction causing health issues or are you spending more time on social media than you do with real people? If you feel anxiety when you think about going out with your friends but are constantly seeing the happenings of others over the internet, then you may have a smartphone addiction making you sick. Mental health is real and if you spend too much time on your smartphone and other technology then you are more prone to depression, anxiety, or an overall unhealthy lifestyle. As a matter of fact, an article written by Marc Siegel of Fox News details the alarming reports that these illnesses and a greater risk of teen suicide are associated with the higher use of smartphones and other technologies. Do yourself a favor and put the phone down, stop playing the game, and go out and get some fresh air with friends.

Stop Waiting to Enjoy Life

According to a news article from CNBC, about a quarter of Americans do not use at least a week of their paid time off every year. If you want to live happily then stop waiting to do the things that make you happy. Oftentimes people feel the need to prioritize work over that long-awaited vacation or going to that concert they have always wanted to go to. Stop waiting. If you keep putting off the fun things, then you will run out of time. You have one chance at life, so you need to get all you can out of it. If you die today your work will replace you tomorrow. Your family and friends will not. Do not wait for permission to do the fun stuff, do it now while you are able to enjoy it.

People Can Make You or Break You

Do the people you spend time with make you feel good about yourself and who you are? If not, then you need to stop spending time with them. People will often find themselves spending time with people who belittle them or belittle others. If they are putting you down or talking badly about others, then you may need to re-evaluate how much time you spend with that person. If you spend time with people who are always complaining, taking advantage of others, looking at the negative of situations, or are just mean then you need to let those people go. You will often find that you will begin to have the same traits as your peers. So surround yourself with kind, encouraging, and successful people who will only strive to build you up.

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