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Finding Balance in Life: It All Starts with You

By Jade C. Pulman

There are many reasons for trying to find balance in your life, but the main reason is that it is your life. Balance in your life means something completely different to you than to someone else. However, we each have different likes and dislikes, we are each programmed differently and we have different things that make us happy individually.

We as humans are complex creatures. Learning who we are personally is a process that many of us have not grasped just yet and that is okay. It comes from truly learning and living life. Some may as what that means to truly live or learn. It means to live and learn with all you have. Living with all you got means taking all the opportunities to make your life worth living. It means taking risks, trying new things, meeting new people and doing the things you enjoy while still working hard and earning money. This may require planning to accomplish all of this at first, but once you have got it down, it will just be second nature and it will become who you are.

Learning with all you have got means something similar, but in the category of acquiring knowledge. If you have the opportunity to go to college, you should go. In this world, knowledge is power. Knowledge is what gets you places; it is what gets you the job and leads you to choose intelligent decisions. It is what got companies like Apple running. Without knowledge to back up their creative ideas, nothing would have happened in those companies. It is no different with each of us. Most of us have a vision of who we want to become, what we want and how we want it. Without the knowledge to get there and without the effort, we cannot do it.


Effort is the fuel to living. It is what makes each day worth living. When we put effort into something, it gains value to us and in a way, we make it our own. It gives that something powerful and it becomes a part of us as we spend time with it. That effort becomes even more valuable when passion becomes part of that effort. Passion can make effort a lifestyle and maybe even something that gets us out of bed in the morning. It could also make us happy in a way that nothing else does.

There are talents and skills to discover and they are discovered as we truly live life, but it is more than just finding those things. It is working at them and putting forth that effort. It is rare to find something that is worth living for that does not require effort and maybe even sacrifice. The best things in life require sacrifice and become worth it through allowing yourself to put less important things aside for things to happen.

Peace and Love

With all of that taken care of, we can find our balance and can live with peace and be able to truly love ourselves and those around us. When we ourselves feel good about who we are and where we are at, we can then help others to do the same. Finding peace requires us to be balanced in all aspects of our lives especially in the mental and emotional categories. We cannot be truly happy without those two in check. Sometimes for some people, that means getting professional help or seeing a doctor and that is okay. We should not be embarrassed if those things are required, rather, we should feel empowered that we are taking charge in our lives as a seeker of happiness.

Life is learned by living it, there is no other way to learn it. Get out there and do it. You can do all things.

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