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The Power of Fulfillment and How to Achieve It

Our lifespans are expanding. Retirement is being pushed back. The birth rate is decreasing. With all these three combined, our futures are more unstable than ever before. What this means is that we all need to develop our skills and adopt a lifelong approach to our careers. You need to go in with the assumption that you will work until you are 70 or older, and in that case must find a way to enjoy every day as much as possible.

Why Fulfillment, and Not Happiness, Should Be Your Goal

The stance many have taken in this light is to make happiness your goal. This is fine, but it isn’t actually sustainable. There is a reason why seeking happiness can put a burden on you, and that’s because it is simply not possible to be happy 24/7. Content is a far better emotion to seek out, and fulfillment is ideal.

When you are fulfilled in your life, you feel like you are exactly where you need to be. You are contributing in the way you want, you are leaving your mark on the world, and yet you are still healthy, engaged, and content.

How to Feel Fulfilled in Your Life

To help you lead a content, fulfilled life, you will want to follow a few steps:

  • Progress on a Personal Basis, Not Just in Your Career
    Work on your hobbies. These are the personal passions that might not make a salary, but give you plenty back in terms of emotional payoff. Alternatively, consider learning something new. This could be by reading, listening to podcasts, or watching documentaries. Enriching the mind will go far to improving your life and helping you feel fulfilled.
  • Find Your Dream Career
    It is okay if you want to change careers. It was almost impossible to get it right from the start. After all, going into the workforce, you have limited knowledge of what is out there and what you can and want to do. Once you work your way up, you will eventually gain a better understanding. Take teaching, for example. Many go in with the thought that all they want to do is become an educator, but after teaching for a few years realise they were not cut out for it.

Instead, they might find their place in creating the curriculum, or in child psychology. Either way, to further your career, you will want to obtain a Master’s of Education online. While you should never think twice about going back to school, most adults cannot take time off. With an online degree, you can specialise and learn from home and on a part-time basis.

Follow Through on Your Goals

Following through on your goals can be difficult. Goals are often big steps that seem impossible to reach. That is why you need to break your goals down. This is how you will stay motivated and accomplish task after task.

Prioritise Your Loved Ones

Prioritise your loved ones. At the end of the day, they are what makes life worth living. At the same time, life is too short to keep toxic relationships around. If your mother berates and abuses you, then cut ties. Alternatively, if you have been too busy to give a call, start to make that phone call part of your routines.

Being fulfilled and content means that you lead an elevated life. You are more likely to feel happy, but during those moments where everything is just “okay,” you still wouldn’t change anything. We need change in our lives, and seeking out ways we can feel content and fulfilled will lead us in the right direction for a life that supports our dreams and wellbeing.

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