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Let there be Light : Why color therapy is effective

By Christa Muths

Light and colors have always been of paramount importance throughout history in all aspects of life:

  • To express status in clothes, buildings and art.
  • They also play an important role in the different religions worldwide. colors either refer to a specific rank within a particular belief or indicate a particular religious phase, i.e. orange is worn by Buddhist monks and violet refers to the rank of bishop and cardinal in Catholicism.
  • color therapy is also a very ancient healing method, being used in all ancient cultures. The Egyptians for example used dyed cloth to cover the wounds and colored crystals for healing purposes.
  • In modern times spectral analysis, a color analysis of materials, has been used primarily for industrial purposes. color carries information from its source and is therefore most valuable in the analysis of all material.
  • Spectral analysis is also used in astronomy to verify mineral composition of stars.

The sun, which gives us not only light and color but also energy has been worshipped in many cultures around the world as the bearer of life. Thus light and colors not only have a positive impact on all living life forms but are necessary for our survival: We eat sunlight. Eating brings the sun’s energy, absorbed by the growing plants and animals into our bodies.

colors are the children of light, which means they occur when white light hits an object. Then light is: (a) mirrored or reflected (a white object reflects all photons), (b) swallowed or absorbed (a black object absorbs all photons); or (c) passed through something (e.g. a window) or deflected or broken (by entering a different medium like water).

Light travels at a speed of 300,000 kilometres per second in a vacuum. This speed is reduced if light has to pass through a transparent medium, like glass or water. When light passes through water, its speed is slower than when it passes through air.

Plants, algae and some bacteria eat sunlight energy during photosynthesis and transform it into chemical energy (sugars & starches). This transformation process is the foundation of the whole splendidly diverse community of life on earth. Millions of years ago, enormous swamp-forests of tree-ferns and cycads were buried and gradually under pressure became the coal, oil and natural gas our civilization lives on today. We are living today on sunlight energy captured by plants a very long time ago.

All other living beings are light “suckers”, directly or indirectly. Indirectly: down the food chain, through our intake of animal or plant food, which in turn has eaten other animals or plants. Directly: by the absorption of light through our own organs, such as eyes and skin, acupuncture points etc.

Through the process of photosynthesis, the Sun’s energy and radiation is converted into chemical energy by plants and bacteria. Photosynthesis is one of the most significant reactions in nature and a prerequisite for what is generally described as life. Oxygen for breathing is formed by the process of photosynthesis - a process that was developed about 350 x 10 to the power of 9 years ago.

Light and Photons
Without light, there would be no life on Earth. The Sun is the greatest heat source and energy provider in our solar system. It emits a wide spectrum of visible and invisible energies and radiation, called the electromagnetic spectrum, that can enter into the Earth’s atmosphere to varying degrees. Electromagnetic radiation is classified according to wavelength. The shorter the wavelength, the more energy the photon, a lightunit, contains. The word photon is Greek and means light, it is a quantum of the electromagnetic field. Photons were originally called “energy quanta”. They are elementary particles and their interactions with electrons and atomic nuclei account for a great many of the features of matter, such as the existence and stability of atoms, molecules, and solids.

Light has, and thus photons have a paradoxical, dual nature; it is both wave and particle at the same time. However, it is impossible to measure wave and particle at the same time with the type of instruments and equipment that are available at present; traditionally, the scientific methods used measure either one property or the other. Photons act according to the circumstances either as waves or as particles. They can act as particle, for instance when registered by the light sensitive device in a camera. In other respects, a photon acts like a wave, as when passing through the optics in a camera.

Normally, light is formed by a large number of photons, with the intensity or brightness related to the density in which they occur. A low density requires a very sensitive instrument, such as used in astronomy or spectroscopy, to detect individual photons.

Sunlight contains millions of photons of many different wavelengths, not all visible. Photons are packets of energy. A beam of sunlight contains large numbers of photons, each with its own energy. The intensity of a beam of light is a measure of the total energy that passes through an area of space in a unit of time. Ultraviolet radiation can give sunburn and infrared is felt as heat. The electromagnetic spectrum extends from a very short wavelength smaller than an atom to low energy radio waves with wavelengths of several hundred metres.

Photons of the visible light have wavelength between 400 – 700 nanometers and vibrate between 430 – 750 trillion (10 to the power of 12) cycles per second.

A nanometer is one billionth of a meter (10 to the power of –9), a micrometer is one thousandth of a millimetre (10 to the power of –3) and one millionth of a meter (10 to the power of –6)

Nowadays, single photons can be measured per minute, even per second. The value is expressed from 10 to the power of -19 up to 10 to the power of 16 watts per square centimetre. Daylight is about 10 to the power of 18 times more intense.

Light and Biochemical Processes
The human body is the greatest marvel in nature. Our hearts beats 100,000 times every day, we take over 25,000 breaths a day, and every second 10 million of our cells die and are replaced by new ones. How is this exact timing possible?

The pancreas replaces most of its cells every 24 hours; the cells of the stomach lining are reproduced every three days, white blood cells are renewed every 10 days, new skin every four weeks; and even bones can regenerate themselves. Our body renews itself completely, almost 100% every four years, on the atomic level. In order to replace the dead cells, our body extracts nutrition from the food offered and knows with amazing accuracy to absorb exactly the substances its needs. So how can this process of sub-molecular precision occur even when we eat irregularly or when our bodies do not get sufficient amounts of the correct building blocks such as vitamins, enzymes and amino acids?

Only very recently modern sciences was able to verify that all of the complex biochemical processes in our bodies are controlled by light. Our bodies seems to possess a dense material shape that is clearly defined. However, on the atomic level we are somebody different every second! Most of our approximately 100 billion cells are constantly replacing themselves. Even our DNA is subject to a continuous regeneration programme. A DNA is a nucleic acid and contains the genetic instructions specifying the biological development of all cellular forms of life and many viruses. The way in which DNA encodes all the properties of an organism is called the genetic code. During reproduction, DNA is replicated and transmitted to the offspring.

An innovative answer to all these questions about the exact timing of how our cells work and keep the organism together came in 1975 from a laboratory in Kaiserslautern. The German physicist and bio-chemist Dr. Fritz-Albert Popp was able to demonstrate an ultra-weak cell luminescence, which he called biophoton emission. According to Popp, the key to the elementary code of life, the communication between all forms of life, the control factor of the biological organism, is simply light.

Biophotons, Popp observed, behave like a laser as message transmitters and serve to control biochemical processes. It has been demonstrated that no biochemical reaction at a molecular level is capable of managing such a transmission of information in such a short time frame.

Thanks to high-frequency photography, which was developed in the 1950s, it is possible to show that not just the stars radiate but so too do human bodies. Kirlian photography was developed by the Russian couple Kirlian and Krisanowa between the years 1939 - 1958. Thanks to this method, the aura could be demonstrated to Western awareness for the very first time; the concepts of subtle energies, auras and meridians had already been long established in China and India and in some other ancient cultures.

A recently published study shows, for the first time, evidence of the existence of the acupuncture meridian structure in the human body. After moxibustion (or similar light stimulation) of the body in the 35 µm range, "light channels" appear on the body, which appear to be identical to what are known as meridians in all textbooks of Traditional Chinese Medicine. These findings appear not only to confirm the existence of acupuncture meridians, but they also open a new window on understanding the energy transfer dynamics of the human body. Furthermore, it is likely that living matter is not in the ground state, but permanently electronically excited.

The benefits of red light therapy in the treatment of medical health conditions are becoming well documented - see Red Light Therapy for the Head, Brain & Mental Health.

Light and Atoms
Photons also play a crucial role in the atom. The model of the atom was developed by Rutherford in 1911, and it has turned out to be the basis for our modern understanding of atomic structure and photons, even if this model is no longer regarded as correct by many quantum physicists. Electrons spin in orbit around the atomic nucleus in a similar way to planets spinning or rotating as they revolve around the sun. The protons of the nucleus are positively charged and the electrons are negatively charged. When a photon hits an electron, it propels the electron onto the next outer and energetically higher orbit or plane. The electron will move on this plane for as long as it can maintain the new energy given to it by the photon. It then jumps back to its old plane, emitting energy during this process in the form of radiation measured in photons . The energy of photons is measured in electro volts (eV). This is the amount of energy gained by the electron or particle running through a voltage difference with a charge of one volt.

Nobel Prize-winner Niels Bohr designed a new model of the atom in 1913. In this model, which is still the most widely known today, the electrons spin around the nucleus in stable orbits. The whole idea of an orbit depends on classical physics, whereas the idea of electrons corresponding to fixed amounts of energy levels comes from quantum theory.

The most modern understanding of the atom it that it is embedded in an electromagnetic field. A 3D animation would beautifully demonstrate the vibrating atom and its electrons. (see: The electron is simply something that moves outside the nucleus and has a certain amount of energy and other properties. It still moves in mysterious ways beyond the understanding of most modern physicists.

The rather static models of Rutherford and Bohr were in their time revolutionary and are still the models predominantly being taught in our schools today. However, it makes a substantial difference whether the world is understood as moving in static orbits or is seen as being embedded in an electromagnetic vibration field, which adapts to its surroundings.

The crucial difference lies in understanding that the movements of the vibration and wave model cannot be calculated exactly but have to be conceived of as a process and in constant motion. All states are possible at all times, and situations can only be predicted with probability. According to our current understanding, they are never exactly calculable and determinable.

Light as carrier of information
Light not only transmits energy, it is also a source of information and a carrier of information. It carries the signature of its source. “Every chemical element leaves a characteristic finger print in its spectrum of light.” This knowledge has been used by the industry for many decades. One application, spectral analysis, is an important method for identifying and testing atoms and molecules. In spectral analysis, green stems from oxygen, whereas blue and violet colors indicate the existence of nitrogen atoms.

Even the number of photons can be estimated in the observable cosmos: approximately 10 times to the power of 89 - a billion times more than the number of estimated atoms.

The more vital or healthy a body is, the longer an electron can store light, the energy of the photon. That means that the electron can move longer on the outer orbit, thus allowing the atom, the cell, the organ and the entire organism to react more flexibly by adjusting to any modifications. The more vital a system, the more intense is the motion of the photons and the stronger the photon emission will be and the longer it will be possible to store light in the cells. However, photon emission is very weak and can only be demonstrated with much effort and at a very high cost.

Popp scientifically proved that free range eggs have a significantly higher capacity to store light than eggs from chickens kept in battery cages. The same difference is also evident in organically grown tomatoes compared to greenhouse grown tomatoes. Frozen food radiates less (and more irregular) vitality than fresh food; so do potatoes treated with artificial fertiliser, compared with those that are organically grown. Any form of manipulation, including the use of pesticides, has a negative impact on the initial electromagnetic state of food and its photon emission.

The biophoton theory is based on an interaction of cause and effect that is not linear or target-orientated, as understood by modern science, but instead fulfills its “purpose” by acting and reacting in a cooperative way.

DNA and RNA have an inbuilt ability to repair themselves. Research into the self-repair mechanism of DNA and RNA has shown that the repair enzymes of DNA and RNA can only work in the presence of UV light. This is why this process is called photo repair. In experiments, laboratory animals that were kept under light, that had the UV part of the light spectrum removed, developed serious illnesses.

The Network: Light, DNA and the Universe
We have seen that light is at the basis of our existence but science now adds another, even further reaching dimension to it: The physicist Matti Pitkänen has recently been able to verify that our DNA not only produces protein but also communicates within the universe by using light. Our DNA is able to create magnetized wormholes through these they can communicate with higher dimensions. This communication is non-linear (meaning it does not follow our logical understanding and reasoning) and is immediate, thus space-timefree.

This process is also called hypercommunication and it is through a network of different levels of consciousness. This communication does not serve a special, limited purpose but just like the Internet the DNA put their own data into this higher dimensional network, can call upon data from this network and also establish direct contact to another member of this network. The DNA can therefore have its own homepage, can surf in the higher dimensional network and can also chat with other members.

Hypercommunication is therefore the first scientifically proven interface between different forms of intelligence and dimensions which networked and connected with each other.

It also verifies that we all leave something like an energetic fingerprint within the universe (Phantom-DNA-Effect). The biologist Rupert Sheldrake hypothesized, in his theory about the morpho genetic fields that every human, every living entity, leaves an invisible trace of its existence. The Russian researcher Pjotr Garjajev was the first to scientifically verify this theory. It seems that science will soon be able to establish a connection, which has been assumed for a while, between gravity and consciousness. It seems that gravity and consciousness are opposite poles.

Light and color therapy
How does this light communication on all levels fit in our understanding of health and illness?

A high level of light-order within the body enables an more or less undisturbed flow of information and communication. This in turn maintains the metabolism as well as all other life processes. The building and depletion of cells, the synthesis of proteins, carbohydrates and lipids as well as the flow of neurotransmitters and the entire cell metabolism all work on an extremely rapid transfer of information that can only be achieved by light transmission.

Woking with light and color will therefore influences not only our well being on all levels but also support the DNA function to communicate with different dimensions and higher intelligence.

Nowadays light and colors are used in ophthalmology, dentistry, accident treatment, all wound healing, SAD, and high blood pressure. The English and German football teams use full spectrum light to heal injuries. As it can co-ordinate both brain sides, it is used for example in autism, dyslexia, Aspergers syndrome, etc.

Light and colors balance the autonomic nervous system, regulate neurohormonal and neurendocrine functioning, reveal deeper underlying musculosceletal problems in chiropractic, balance the subtle energy system, enhance deep psychotherapy, aid in education and neurological rehabilitation and also assist in spiritual evolution.

Light and colors can be used in treating diseases like depression in general and winter depression (SAD) especially. It also is very effective in treating animals.

Light and color therapy is therefore effective and supports deep healing in all areas of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health and wellbeing.

Lack of energy and blockages are signs
of disturbance in the flow or process of life.
This disturbance can occur on all levels,
whether atomic particle or cell, organ or psyche.
Hence any disease can be interpreted as a manifestation of
a loss of information and communication
within the body!

In colortherapy we work therefore on all levels, from the solid physical body to the innermost core of our existence, our Self and the soul and of course, vice versa.

Every color has 9 specific characteristics or elements, which are effective on the following levels:

  1. physical or material element;
  2. psychological element;
  3. harmonising and connecting element;
  4. vital, energy-emitting element;
  5. communicating and healing element;
  6. intuitive and stimulating elements;
  7. a coherent connecting element to the light source;
  8. an integrating and expanding element to the next level of physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and cosmic understanding;
  9. spiritual element of a higher consciousness;
  10. a connection to different dimensions and higher intelligence.
When working with light and colors, we therefore communicate with all levels of body, mind, spirit and soul and activate the healing power on all levels of the being. We open all our senses to take in the information color provides to support deep healing, integration within body, mind and spirit, and to support the coherence and enhance the ability to communicate with different forms of consciousness and dimensions.

As color therapist we apply light and colors in many different forms:

  • wearing colors,
  • using colors in our environment
  • eating colors in our food
  • breathing color
  • meditating with colors
  • feeling, tasting and smelling colors
  • bathing in colors
  • color radiation
  • color acupuncture
  • feeling colors on the skin
  • singing colors

There are colors which have a stimulating, energising and vibrant effect like red, orange and yellow and colors which have a soothing, calming and relaxing effect like green, blue and indigo.

Frequently I begin a session with establishing the color awareness of the client: very often reddish-brown is perceived as red and a mustard color as yellow and a light brown as orange. People who tend to like, see and wear clear colors tend to be clearer and more vital than people who prefer murky, shady and unclear colors. The more unclear and nebulous a person sees colors the more unclear and nebulous he sees himself and his interactions with his environment

Ophthalmologists are able to establish the emotional, intellectual and physical field of awareness and also the totality of awareness the person is operating from by a color vision test called: Syntonic visual field test. This test shows which levels are low in energy and coherence and need support.

The overall aim is to support the inbuilt healing energy of the person, to enhance an understanding of the paramount importance of light and color in our life, the integration of the right and left brain sides health and consciousness, the coherence of the information fields of the body.

Very soon clients begin to see and feel colors more clearly and this is always the beginning of a deep healing process. We work differently with every person: after establishing the level of clarity in which colors are perceived, depending on the problem, we work with radiation of light for example on wounds, eyes, all parts of the body, but also with acupuncture and meditation, feeling light and color, breathing color and at a later stage singing color.

We have seen that light and color affect the whole body, mind and spirit immediately, treatment in one area affects the whole organism in all its fields.

To demonstrate the effect of a session of light and colortherapy, I would like to represent the following casestudy:

I hardly ever use only one form of application with a client, it is usually a combination of several or all in severe cases.

In my experience the level of experience and consciousness of the therapist is also an important factor during treatment. An impatient, strict, insecure or less experienced therapist will find it difficult to see or feel deeper underlying issues and can therefore not provide the right support for these to open up. Sometimes underlying issues open up spontaneously and a therapist needs to be able to deal with it in a relaxed and sympathetic manner.

The deeper a color therapist understands the effects, information value and communication field of colors, the more he/she will be able to give support on a greater ranging level of consciousness.

If a therapist operates predominantly from the physical viewpoint and uses colortherapy just as an intervention like a pill which is to be swallowed, the effect of the therapy will focus more on the physical level of the client. A therapist who is able to operate from a deeper understanding of the soul, will be able to communicate through his/her own light field with the soul of the client and will therefore be able to chose a different kind of “treatment” and support. He/she might choose the same colors but the depth of the color will be very different and will therefore affect the client in a much deeper way.


Light is the foundation of all life processes and at the same time part of it.

Light is Life and Life is Light.

Light is Information and Information is Light.

Light is Energy and Energy is Light.

Light has no time or space barriers/limitations.

Light is always Light, it does not change its form.

Light heals on all levels: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

Light connects to higher consciousness and forms of intelligence.

Light communicates within the body, with the environment, the world and the universe.

Christa Muths is international acclaimed author of books on healing, color therapy and symbolism. She is the founder and principal of an institute established to provide training in holistic studies. She has been trained as a shaman in Mexico, Peru, Italy and is member of the International Foundation of Shamanic Studies. She holds courses worldwide and enjoys travelling and learning from different cultures. Her scientific background and enthusiasm to learn and explore new approaches provide her with a knowledge and experience that combines the science of mind with the science of emotion and spirit and soul.
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