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20 Habits That Are Destroying Your Life

By Robert Morris

Our habits truly define the quality of our lives. Don’t believe it? Well, think about the last time you smoked a cigarette on an empty stomach, or think about that assignment that you kept delaying over and over again until it was too late. You see, every person has habits; a habit is a subconscious pattern that manifests through our actions.

During this article, we will approach two types of habits: mental habits and life habits. All of them are negative, and they should be taken care of as soon as possible. Habits aren’t easy to disperse. It takes some courage, effort, and consistency in order to get rid or replace your disempowering habits.

Disempowering Mental Habits

If creating productive and helpful habits is often very tough, replacing or destroying old and hurtful habits is even tougher. By paying attention to our article, you can easily identify your most disempowering mental and life habits. Let’s begin...

Here are the most daunting mental habits that should not be present in your life:

Stagnation is basically the opposite of progress. It means that you’re not doing anything productive in order to become a better person. And this doesn’t refer just to your professional life; it could be any piece of your life: family, relationships, health, and so on. Are you stagnating? Figure it out if you do, and stop doing it!

Living in a Comfort Zone
Comfort zone is quite similar to stagnation; staying in your comfort zone will make you desire less from life. It’ll make you negligee almost every aspect of your life. Of course, the activities that you find pleasurable and fun will not have to suffer. BUT. In life, you can’t expect to make a progress if you’re not overcoming your limits, facing your challenges, and overcoming your setbacks.

Living with Low-Standards
Living with low standards means that you’re just fine with a low-quality life. You’re not really eager to get the best out of your life; you’re rather interested in living a simple life. You’re also accepting bad behavior from other people, sitting in comfort zone, and expecting the worst. This habit is truly destroying your life!

Lack of Self-Esteem
The lack of self-esteem is a damaging mental habit which is present in many people’s lives. If you lack self-esteem, almost every piece of your life is going to be affected. First of all, you’re not actually believing that you deserve to be loved and respected by other people. Second of all, you’re also not respecting and loving yourself. If you don’t do it, who can?

Not Living the Present Moment
Living the present moment is quite essential; the past and the future are basically illusions that our minds develop. We can’t exactly remember what happened, so our brains improvise. When we’re guessing the future, again, we’re creating a subjective imagine what’s happening. Start living the present moment more often!

Caring More About Others Rather than Yourself
Are you the type of person who cares more about other people rather than yourself? Well, if you are, it means that you must change. This, again, is a very disempowering habit which will make you suffer. People are thinking for themselves and about themselves all the time. Of course, it’s good to care about others, but don’t put them in the first place!

Thinking Short-Term
Short term thinking is associated with mediocre. Successful people are always thinking long-term, and that’s because they realize that life is complex. When we work on something and make important decisions, we must always think about the long-term effects. Our actions are the cause of the long-term results that we’re aiming for.

Overanalyzing Everything
When your inner voice is taking the lead, you are losing control over your thoughts. Your mind keeps going and going until it finds certain solutions. The problem is: overanalyzing often leads to bad feelings and distorted conclusions. Stop overanalyzing everything and cultivate peace in your mind. Thinking of nothing is more relaxing than you could ever imagine!

Keeping Your Emotions in Leash
Keeping your emotions in leash can sometimes help you stay out of trouble. For example, stopping impulsivity and jealousy will make you a better person. The downside is: you’re gathering lots of negative emotional energy. When you accumulate a lot of negative emotions, there’s a big chance that you’ll “explode”. Start sharing your emotions with the ones you consider close and don’t let them multiply!

Being Close-Minded
Close-minded people are having a lot of difficulties throughout their lives. They don’t realize it, but others do. Being close-minded means rejecting a lot of different life perspectives. When you have discussions with other people, you’ll always reject their beliefs and choices. This is truly damaging for you, and for others!

Allowing Your Ego to Drive Your Thoughts and Actions
People that allow their egos to drive their thoughts and actions are often very much disliked. Egocentricity is an extremely disempowering mental habit; you’re basically not thinking rationally, and you’re making choices that can satisfy your ego. If you’re this type of person, you have a huge

Taking Everything Personally
Some people take everything personally. This can be caused by many things such as low self-esteem, not listening enough, or being closed minded. Why would you take things personally? Whatever people say to you; they are expressing their own opinions; who said that their opinions represent the reality? Don’t take things personally, and you’ll be much happier.

Disempowering Life Habits

There are basically habits that are present (or not) in your life. Pay close attention to...

Not Getting Enough Sleep
People that neglect their sleeping habits are often unhealthy, unsuccessful, and always tired. Sleep deprivation is a serious health issue that manifests quite stealthy. When you’re in a sleep deprivation state, you’re not really aware of your reduced mental capacities; you believe that you’re functioning as usual, but that’s far away from the truth.

Lack of Exercise
Are you a sedentary person? Are you avoiding any type of physical activity? If you do, you must realize that a very important habit is missing from your life. Physical exercise has been proven to help your mental health and your physical health big time. Besides the fact that you’ll look better, you’ll also be able to think more clearly and be more productive.

Allowing Toxic People in Your Life
The biggest problem with people that are allowing other toxic people in their lives: they don’t really realize that the person they’re sharing their life with is bringing them down. For example, a toxic girlfriend will always want you to put her in the first place, will often dictate your schedule, and will often put you through suffering states. A toxic parent could be alcoholic and do much worse than good for you. Start rejecting these types of people and live a healthier life!

Procrastination is the first thing that stops you from being successful. When you’re procrastinating you’re basically doing everything possible to avoid your duties and tasks. This is a huge disempowering habit which many people have. Those who can overcome and eliminate procrastination from their lives will be way more successful than those who accept it.

Too Much Technology Use
We live in a digital era, where Facebook and Snapchat are consuming half of people’s days. It’s basically an addiction; we must check what other people said, liked, and shared. We must share what we do every day, and we must always be present! This is so wrong in many ways; if you’re a technology addict, I’d suggest you to consider dropping this disempowering addiction and habit. Always keep in mind that technology makes us alone, so try to spend less time in front of your computer.

Not Respecting Time
Time is the most precious asset that we have at our disposal. More than that, we can never bring it back. If we don’t respect our time, how can we expect to accomplish great things and be happy? Respecting your time means: being aware of how fast it passes, organizing it properly, avoiding unproductive activities, and focusing on constructive actions and habits.

Not Taking Enough Action
Action means personal power. If we can force ourselves to take as much action as possible, we can definitely state that we’re on the right path. Many individuals make plans, they talk a lot about it, but they never manage to take action towards accomplishing them. Don’t be that type of person, and start looking for ways to actually make a progress through your daily actions.

Treating Life Too Seriously
Life is harsh sometimes, I know. The fact that you’ve been put through a lot of trouble, a lot of setbacks and issues, and basically so much to deal with. You have maybe started to perceive life as a struggle; so, you have to fight back. You know that you are taking everything too seriously when you never stop for a few moments and watch the beauty of it instead of the misery.

These habits are destroying your life; slowly, but surely. It’s truly essential to becoming aware of your biggest disadvantages, your most disempowering habits, and then decide to change. Go over each of the habits and note down those which you believe that are present in your life.

Robert Morris is a freelance writer, he shares his ideas on self-development, coaching and writing. Now he travels around the world and works for the best writing service reviews blog.
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