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20 Personal Development Goals That Will Make You Happier


By Alex Moore

What do you need for happiness? In fact, answering this question, you indicate a lot of material things. Hence, the important things that make us truly happy are not so many! All these things are immaterial, they can be used every day and feel happier.

Happiness is closer than it seems! It’s all just self-adjustment and attitude to life. These simple habits will help to concentrate on positive emotions. Well, are you ready to start making your life a happy one? Click here to read more essays about personality.

  1. Develop your personality
    Personality - this is what a person will have if he has to take all the resources. Dignity distinguishes a strong person. In this case, each person wants to leave a trace after himself, creating something worthwhile throughout the life.
  2. Show kindness
    All we are born good. Kindness is our starting point. All the rest is a deviation from the norm, an exception, and not a rule. Only love and kindness bring us happiness. Only they give us strength and confidence, they cope with fears and they teach confidence.

    The people with a good heart are always totally relaxed. Developing in ourselves generosity and the ability to empathize, we create around a more positive and friendly atmosphere, we begin to see friends everywhere. Of course, we feel happier.

  3. Plan your happy emotions, not actions
    In the beginning, it’s easiest to do this during automatic processes. For example, while brushing your teeth, going to work, think about how you will cheer when your plan starts or when you go on a weekend to nature or how you spend an hour with your friends. It does not matter what exactly you will do, the main thing is that you will be happy with any action, process.
  4. Read every day
    Make a list of books that will make you better in a professional or personal field. Ask the recommendations of friends and those who are authoritative for you. Try to read every day, even if you only have half an hour. Making reading as your habit, you will see that you have much more time for this.
  5. Do 10 minutes a day with household chores
    You will see that there is no need for a general tiring cleaning once a month. Maintaining cleanliness and order is much easier than organizing them.
  6. Plan your next day
    You can write down all the things that need attention, divide them into steps and prioritize them. It is possible that you will not be capable to do everything, but at least you will do some of the tasks that are really important for you and your peace of mind, and secondary tasks either will disappear by themselves or will not interfere with achieving a great goal.
  7. Analyze the affairs and results of the day
    Look for success every day in what you do. Praise yourself, find mistakes, practice in correcting them. You will see how much you have done for the day, how much success you have, how you have progressed in understanding the professional sphere and personal relationships, how you stopped blaming others and focused on simple and important things.
  8. Say goodbye to the superfluous people
    Time leaves us only the right people, but if by the coincidence you maintain a relationship with unpleasant people, it’s time to ask: what good does this person bring to me? Why do we need “friends” who cause negative feelings in you? Envious and unpleasant people in your life do not belong. Do not be afraid to reduce your communication if not to zero, then to a possible minimum.
  9. Listen to your desires
    In our time, the approach to life that by definition sweeps away your own “I” has long ceased to be relevant. Sacrificing yourself for the high purposes is definitely not the way to live a happy life. Of course, listening to your desires does not mean turning into an egoist, but why not sometimes please yourself with a new pair of shoes, going to a movie or a cafe without the thought that I need something to somebody?
  10. Give one hour per day to walks
    Spend at least 20 minutes a day in the fresh air. In addition, that you will feel happier, your brain will work better and your memory will become better. This unloads the brain, relaxes the body, gives the necessary amount of sunlight and oxygen for health.
  11. Keep a record of finances
    Understanding and controlling where your money comes from and where to go - removes excess anxiety, helps to make rational decisions, and get rid from finance surprises.
  12. Start to see money in your world
    They are in your life. You only need to realize how to take them. Do not think “where?” Do any works qualitatively, evaluate costs and efforts objectively, use the opportunities that life gives you and so on.
  13. Go in for sports
    Absolutely no matter what kind of sport will it be Half an hour a day - warm-up, training - give more health and long-term effect than rare trips to the gym. With physical activity, the level of endorphins rises (the hormone of happiness). Any pills cannot save from depression like exercise. You can replace active training with dancing, swimming in the pool, jogging - find the activity that is right for you. In addition, sports directly affect not only happiness but sometimes profit.
  14. Create a regularity
    You will not become successful and happy in an instant. For indestructible happiness you need a foundation - it creates a constantly repeated action, brought to automatism. There are habits of counting money, developing oneself, analyzing oneself, looking for inspiration and purpose, doing sports, etc. But the word “habit” - can frighten, so replace it with the word “experiment” and put a deadline. For example, regularly doing sports for 30 days, reading 52 books for a year - you will not notice how a new habit will harmoniously enter your life.
  15. Change only yourself
    Education is a way to make yourself better, rather than a set of tools for changing the wife / husband, colleagues and partners. Do you want to be an absolutely happy person? Change only yourself, constantly “fill” yourself. It’s about peace of mind, creative development, love, etc. A happy person constantly creates and develops personal resources to be self-sufficient, and shares with those who need support.
  16. Appreciate the value of the minute
    Slow and long reflections are now available to a few. The world rushes forward with great speed, and you do not have time - and procrastination gets you deeper. Be a minute in the bar - you will understand how long it takes 60 seconds. Learn another language at the same time - appreciate how firmly in the head are new words. You are able to do what is necessary for you at the time that you have.
  17. Get new information
    Get rid of the habit of aimlessly “surfing” on the Internet, postpone the books you read, turn off familiar music, change the routes - regularly add something new to your life. The new information makes you more flexible, helps to stay afloat during times of change.
  18. Master new skills
    Dance, sing, sculpt clay, program, make photos and so on. Thanks to any new occupation, you discover yourself on the new side, feel your own body better, learn to “feel” the world at your fingertips, become more creative, and expand your personal hobby tools. All this affects not only you personally, but also your professional development, career.
  19. Travel
    To maintain a state of happiness, you sometimes need to “change the scenery”. Travels are different. There is a “micro travel” when you go to a neighboring city or for a walk to a place where you have not been. Such trips allow us to keep children’s curiosity and stimulate inspiration.
  20. Begin to believe that the best is ahead
    It’s not enough just to tell yourself that the best is ahead, you need to believe in it. A positive, optimistic view of the future will not only make you better-off. It will also increase your effectiveness, as your faith in yourself will strengthen. The psyche is so peculiar to inflate the pleasant moments of the past, that the present next to it pales. Because of this, people often lose faith in the fact that the future is capable of presenting something more than they have already experienced. Do not let yourself be deceived. Be sure that the future is preparing for you something incredibly enjoyable.

Now you know a few ways to become a little happier. Those who nevertheless evaluate themselves as happy, are 36% more motivated, more energetic and productive as those who consider themselves unhappy. Get out into the open air. Remember that you can be glad all the days long. Take a deep breath and smile. Go for a walk. Invite your best friends to visit. Find a new meaning in a difficult situation. After all, happiness is very near.

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