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Stop, Drop and Roll

By Tina Montalto

I'm sure you have all heard the safety advice to Stop, Drop and Roll if you should ever find yourself in the precarious situation of being in a fire and your clothes catch fire. The safety experts say, don't run, which is a natural self-preservation reaction, but to stop where you are, drop to the ground, and roll to smother out the flames. This advice could save your life.

Well, I also think it is great advice to save your spiritual life! If you want to save your creative, manifesting life, you need to:

stop your destructive thinking
drop your old limiting beliefs
and roll with the easy flow of Truth and Universal Goodness

Stop, drop and roll.

Something easy to remember and to put into practice whenever you catch yourself thinking "unrightly". And we can easily catch ourselves thinking "unrightly" all day long! But when we do start catching ourselves, we are increasing our awareness. We are increasing our consciousness. And as far as I am concerned, that is daily spiritual practice.

So we need to start catching ourselves. That is step one. Just start to recognize when you are going along with limited race thinking. Or when you are thinking something other than good about yourself, other people or your circumstances.

Once you have recognized a limiting thought coming on — STOP! Stop that thought right in its tracks! Stop it and drop it.

It is just as easy to think a "bad" thought as it is to think a good thought. Or from another angle, it takes just as much effort to think a bad thought as it does a good thought. A thought is a thought.

Now, yes, it takes more effort to replace old, habitual beliefs with new empowering beliefs, just because habits are habits and going along with the old is what a habit is. But beliefs start with thoughts, and thoughts can be changed consciously.

So we stop the current thought so that it doesn't snowball into some gigantic disabling series of rants, we drop this first thought before it escalates, and then we roll with the greatness of Spirit. We get in tune with the Infinite, as Ralph Waldo Trine would say. We roll with Divine Intelligence. We trust in Infinite Wisdom and Goodness. We allow the perfect flow of Life, Love, Peace, Prosperity, and Joy to come into our beings and our lives.

If you want more prosperity in your life, you must roll with Infinite Supply. As Eric Butterworth says in "Spiritual Economics", "Get into your consciousness that you live in substance as a fish lives in water." What a great visualization of the flow of Goodness and Abundance that we are literally swimming in! Roll with the streams of Prosperity. Roll with the streams of Joy. Roll with the streams of Love. Roll with the streams of Health. Roll with the streams of Peace.

But why do we seem to be out of sync with all this Greatness so often? "...we can intentionally close ourselves to [divine inflow] and thus deprive ourselves of the powers to which, by the very nature of our being, we are rightful heirs." (Ralph Waldo Trine, In Tune with the Infinite)

We intentionally close ourselves and are out of sync to the Divine Inflow because we have not stopped and dropped our limiting, destructive, un-Truth-like thinking. Not intentionally, you say? "I don't do this intentionally." Do you not choose every thought you think? Maybe you are unaware of the power of your thoughts, but it is intentional. We are the only ones who are restricting the flow of Goodness into our lives. The Universe is constantly giving to us, but are we, through our thoughts and beliefs, open to receiving?

So to open ourselves to greater experiences of joy, happiness, health and prosperity, we have to stop thoughts unlike these things and drop them from our belief systems.

Catch yourself when you do think anything unlike Good. If you have any kind of self-awareness at all, you know in your heart when you are doing it. Catch yourself. Gently stop yourself right then and there. Drop these thoughts that are unworthy of your Spiritual Magnificence. And then roll with the flow of Divine Life.

Keep this catch-phrase with you as you go through your day. Because there are always opportunities to STOP, DROP and ROLL!

Copyright © 2007 Tina Montalto
Tina Montalto is the founder and president of Conscious Kernels, Inc., an ePublishing company that specialized in spiritual eBooks.
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