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Worry Less and Do More:
7 Steps to Make Life Better

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By Mikkie Mills

Stress can make you less productive because you are worrying about things, but there are steps that you can take to relieve your stress so that you can get more accomplished. If you are experiencing stress frequently, then it can lead to additional health problems, including increasing your blood pressure or causing depression. Using these steps to reduce your stress can improve your overall well-being, in addition to helping you to accomplish more each day.

Step 1: Eliminate the Clutter in Your Home

If you have a home that is filled with clutter, then it can create stress. When you need to find something in your home, you may find it difficult because there are too many papers and other items to sort through in a desk or dresser drawer. Excessive clutter can also change your brain patterns because it creates a lot of visual stimuli, and if you have an attention deficit disorder, then experts recommend having a streamlined home.

Step 2: Use Automatic Bill Payment Each Month

When you are worried about paying a bill at the proper time each month because your internet connection might not work, it is time to arrange automatic billing payments. With this method, your utility, insurance and mortgage companies can deduct your payments automatically from your checking account. You can arrange a text message to your smartphone or computer so that you know that the payment was received.

Step 3: Watch and Listen to Less News

While it is important to know about the world's major news events, it can become stressful to listen to and watch news all of the time. Find an online source to check major national or local events, but read the information quickly before moving on with the rest of your day. Watching or listening to the bad things that are happening will only make you worry that something will happen to you.

Step 4: Visit an Attorney to Prepare For Your Death

One of the best things that you can do for your family is to have a will about your financial affairs so that everything is planned. In addition to a last will and testament, you should also have a living will that informs medical personnel how to handle your health care needs. It is also important to plan for your burial or cremation so that your relatives don't need to make these decisions while they are grieving.

Step 5: Take a First-aid Class

If you are worried about someone becoming ill or injured, then do the right thing by taking a first-aid class that includes learning cardiopulmonary resuscitation. You will also learn how to react when someone is burned or breaks a bone. Knowing these things can make you feel more confident each day without worrying about emergency situations.

Step 6: Have a Financial Budget

When you are worried constantly about finances, it is time to create a financial budget. You may find ways to reduce your spending by changing your insurance companies, reducing your cable television bill or spending less money on clothing. While studying your budget, you might decide that it is time to change your career, or you might want to find a second job.

Step 7: Create a Safer Home

You can worry less by creating a safer home for your family. You should have a fire safety plan in place so that everyone knows where the exits are located, but it is also important to have a smoke and carbon monoxide detector in your home. Carbon monoxide is an odorless and invisible gas that can occur in your home for a variety of reasons, including from faulty heating ventilation systems.

How Can You Relieve Stress?

In addition to preventing stressful events, you can reduce your anxiety by listening to calming music, meditating for a few minutes or exercising each day.

About Mikkie Mills: “I’m a Chicago native who loves to share her expertise about personal development and growth. When I’m not writing, I’m chasing the little ones around or rock climbing at the local climbing gym.” More articles by Mikkie.
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