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5 Tips to Meet Your Goal
to See the World

find happiness

By Mikkie Mills

If you want to see the World, there are a few things you need to have in order before you can safely set off from your home country. Planning your destination and making sure you have a passport are only the bare-minimum steps, but there is no need to become discouraged if World travel seems like a daunting endeavor. With the right logistical support, enough information and a little bit of money anyone can cast off and begin traveling. Here are five expert tips for getting your boots off familiar soil...


  • Choose a Route
    From Mediterranean sunsets to cultural Japanese tours, there are a seemingly endless number of opportunities for starting your journey. Step one is figuring out what kinds of attractions you are privy to. If you want to see the world, and not just a part of it, you'll need a transportation network. Flights are convenient but tend to break the bank. Think about buses, boats, trains, and other transportation link-ups needed to travel domestically and cross borders. If you don't know where you're going to end up, invest in a one-way ticket. You may be surprised at how cheap you can find them.
  • Save Enough Money
    Now that you have a route, you'll need a budget. This is going to be tailored to your destination. Japan, for example, may demand $100 USD per day, whereas Thailand only demands $30 USD per day. Give yourself room to splurge, and make sure you have enough cash to get yourself out of sticky situations. To save, consider cutting out your Frappuccino habit or picking up another job. Budgeting starts before your trip does, so keep track of your finances.


  • Travel insurance
    Anything can happen on the road. Flights get canceled, luggage gets lost and motorbikes get crashed. You may be safe and dependable, but that doesn't mean that other people are, and a certain amount of risk is inevitable with extended travel. It's far better to give yourself and your family some peace of mind and insure yourself and your belongings before stepping foot on an airplane. Although moderately pricey, travel insurance can save you thousands of dollars, and give you a support network beyond your credit card and the 'friends' that you made at your hostel or hotel.
  • Packing Your Stuff
    There's nothing more cumbersome than trying to haul around a giant suitcase every time you plan on relocating. Although it is easy to assume that you'll need plenty of things on the road, remember that you can always buy a wide variety of your goods at your destination (and if you live in a Western country it will probably be cheaper to do so anyway). Think about minimizing weight first. If you like to read, invest in a Kindle because paper books get heavy quickly. If you want to schmooze clients in Hong Kong, you'll need to prioritize a wardrobe, but you can take far fewer clothes if you're trekking in Nepal or bumming around Indian beaches. When you're always on the move, less is more.
  • Choose Your Companions - or Go it Alone
    Although many of us lead busy lives, it's not impossible to find a traveling buddy who will undertake at least part of your journey with you. Traveling with a friend, spouse or family member eases the discomfort of unfamiliarity with a new place. However, traveling alone can provide valuable experiences for personal growth by throwing you out of your comfort zone. If you opt into bringing others along, make sure you can get along with them even in the direst situations. A positive attitude counts for as much as experience, so find someone with who fits the bill.
About Mikkie Mills: “I’m a Chicago native who loves to share her expertise about personal development and growth. When I’m not writing, I’m chasing the little ones around or rock climbing at the local climbing gym.” More articles by Mikkie.
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