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What I Learned From Watching
the World Cup 2018


By Mikkie Mills

I learn a little more about the World cup each year, but this tournament opened my eyes even more partly because of my smart wearable.

This tournament surprised left to right; some of the biggest teams were eliminated early on, and my heart couldn't take it. My smart wearable, the device tracking my heart rate, was going nuts, especially when England plaid Belgium. After that game, I realized how vital it is to seek some peace during these tournaments. Here are some ways you can relieve the stress that comes with watching the World Cup, especially when watching your favorite team play.

Bring a Buddy

Everyone knows that sharp heart rate increases can be dangerous, especially for someone who is getting a little older. These tournaments have always been exciting, and watching them live can make the games even more intense. One thing that can make the live experience better is bringing a friend.

This makes it easier to vent about the mistakes made during the game, and to get over some losses more easily. Maybe someday I will be able to use the biofeedback technology that seems to help modify the body to keep cool but, until then, one way to keep cool during each game is to have a buddy with you.

Do Something to Distract Yourself

After a disappointing game, I hop in my Jeep Compass and go for a ride. I was not feeling well, but for some reason the ride made me feel a lot better. Sometimes, if you are given the opportunity, nature can make the mind wonder and make it relax, and there is no better way to enjoy nature than by driving in the countryside.

Those who have a vehicle that can handle rough roads could stop and park in the middle of the wilderness to soak in the peace. This definitely helped take my mind off the loss and gave me an opportunity to slowly return to reality. Keep in mind that letting yourself enjoy nature, the oxygen, and all the natural sounds emitting from a place like a national park could help not only calm your emotions but help improve cognitive functioning.

Don't Hold Back

Sometimes, what makes matters worse is attempting to bottle up your emotions. I've always had trouble letting my emotions out, but expressing myself after the loss made me feel like a weight was lifted.

Allowing myself to experience the emotions that came naturally to me turned out to be great for my nerves. Research shows that release not only fights stress but helps my body in other ways like releasing antibodies. These little guys fight disease and bacteria, so you should definitely do your best to be honest with your World Cup-related emotions.

Meditate a Bit

Taking a run or even meditating could help relax your emotions. It is pretty easy to relax when you practice something like yoga or tai-chi. Both exercises are simple enough and do not tire you out like some of the other exercise routines.

I found myself feeling a lot better after meditating a bit and letting the feelings of the day subside. Those who are a little older or who have had heart scares before should definitely try this or any of the aforementioned tips. There are some great tutorials online on how to meditate if you do not want to go to a studio.

Hopefully, some of these tips help you cope with the emotions you feel during the World Cup. I hope your team made it far this year and, if not, then let's hope that our teams come back stronger in 2022.

About Mikkie Mills: “I’m a Chicago native who loves to share her expertise about personal development and growth. When I’m not writing, I’m chasing the little ones around or rock climbing at the local climbing gym.” More articles by Mikkie.
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