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Why It Is Important to
Give Back to the Community

By Mikkie Mills

You have probably heard the thought expressed that no matter how difficult things are for you there is someone facing greater challenges. This concept can go further than just basic and material needs like food, shelter, and clothing. This can also be true as far as searching for better educational opportunities and taking part in entrepreneurial pursuits.

Individuals living in more developed countries have more access because of the internet and other technology to take part in such endeavors.

Why Entrepreneurs Must Give Back

One of the most important acts an entrepreneur can take part in is giving back to the communities that support their businesses. Their efforts to give back should not include a business element. These efforts should only involve giving without a desire for anything in return. The only reward to be earned is the understanding that you have acted as a catalyst for change in the life of another human being.

You are probably figuring out by now that this post is not intended to teach you ways to grow your business. The post will, however, provide information to help you grow as a person. In the process, you will bring happiness to others while providing them with the help they need.

Online Charitable Pursuits

There are a number of charities operating online you can partner with to affect a positive change in the lives of others.

  • DonorsChoose
    DonorsChoose provides an excellent way to donate money to classrooms all over the United States. You accomplish this by first choosing a project that interests you. You then send the money amount that you wish to commit to the effort.

    The DonorsChoose website offers full transparency and you will always be informed of how your money is used. Photos of projects are provided on the website and it is not uncommon to receive letters from teachers and students thanking you for your contribution. The concept for the charity was first thought of in the Bronx where many teachers complained about not possessing sufficient materials to facilitate student learning.

  • Kiva
    Kiva operates more like an online platform than it does a charity. The site allows you to contribute funds to entrepreneurs anywhere in the world to help fund their dreams. The money you contribute will be combined with money for others to assure the project is funded without excess burden to a single contributor. The site is great for encouraging citizen development in underdeveloped countries.
  • Network for Good
    The Network for Good website allows donors the opportunity to donate to more than one million charities without the need to leave the home. The company is also great to work with for business owners because programs exist to allow both employees and customers to give to a charity championed by the company. Network for Good will also construct a mini website for your company or provide you with charity gift cards.

Other Charitable Opportunities Online

There are way too many opportunities to take part in charitable pursuits online to list them all here. You should do a little research if the three charities listed above do not fit your charitable desires. The following list contains a few more charities you can look into:

The Bottom Line

Individuals living in well-developed countries have opportunities available to them for which many people around the world can only wish. And even within their own countries, many successful businessmen benefit from opportunities to which many of their countrymen were not privileged. These entrepreneurs can achieve a great sense of personal fulfillment while making the world a better place for others by giving back to others.

The list of charities above is a great place to start for the entrepreneur looking to fund the dreams of others. You should examine these charity options to determine if any of them speak directly to your heart.

About Mikkie Mills: “I’m a Chicago native who loves to share her expertise about personal development and growth. When I’m not writing, I’m chasing the little ones around or rock climbing at the local climbing gym.” More articles by Mikkie.
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