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17 Simple Things that Bring Happiness and Success

By Eliza Medley

Everybody wants to achieve success and happiness. However, in trying to achieve these two things, people often lose sight of something important—the small things in everyday life that might bring them joy. Here are a few simple things that will help you achieve both happiness and success.

1. Live in the present
Often people get hung up on what happened in the past. Other people tend to get anxious about the future. In the midst of all this, they forget to live in the moment and enjoy what they have. What happened in the past can’t be changed, and no one has control over what might occur in the future. So don’t let these irrelevant time periods bring you down. Always cherish what you currently have.

2. Time management
Procrastinators exist everywhere around the world. Some scientists have proved that procrastination can actually increase the chances of success in some cases. What procrastination doesn’t do, however, is help you in the long run. It might provide instant gratification. But, later on, all the work piles up and becomes an impossible task. Manage your time properly to avoid stress at such times. Try to get the important things done first and then move on to enjoying yourself. Believe me, this is way more satisfying.

3. Set realistic goals
Getting disappointed is one of the worst feelings in life. To avoid being disappointed, set achievable self-goals. Dreaming is not a bad habit. But to achieve that goal you must take small steps. If your dream is to win gold at the Olympics, set your sights at the district championship first. Move on to the nationals after that and so on and so forth. Realize your dream through small steps of achievable goals.

4. Health first, wealth later
Some people are workaholics. A fraction of these people is doing so since they love their jobs. But for others, it is because they are greedy and want to earn as much as possible. They want to succeed at everything in life no matter the cost. This is not a healthy practice. All that money earned then will be spent on medical bills instead of something way more fruitful and fun. That’s why when push comes to shove, always put your health first and then your wealth.

5. Don’t hold grudges
One of the best ways to stay unhappy is to hold a grudge against someone. Not only is this time and energy consuming, but it is also completely unproductive. It fills you with negative feelings and makes you feel depressed most of the times. By investing time and money in this, you lose out on other amazing opportunities in life. Learn to let go and enjoy life. The less you hold grudges, the happier you will be.

6. Get help
Trying to do everything by yourself is a noble but stressful ideal, whether you’re a student or a professional. It is alright to get a bad grade or make mistakes sometimes—we are only human. But, whenever you are in a pinch, or you are extremely stressed about something, there is no harm in getting help from someone. If you ever need to talk to someone about anything that you find hard to deal with in life, don’t be afraid to approach your family or friends. You could also approach a therapist if needed. A life coach can also be of great help to you as he or she mentors you about your goals and feelings.

7. Focus
Multitasking is one of the most insidious work habits there is—it sounds like it should be more efficient when done properly, but nearly no one can multitask as well as they think. By trying to juggle work you’re more likely to end up wasting time, instead of saving it. Multitasking doesn’t let you focus on the task at hand which might lead to making mistakes. If you focus on one thing at a time, then not only will you ensure that there are no flaws in it but also get it done faster. This way you can also get more things done at the same amount of time. Focus is one of the keys to success.

8. Embrace nature
One of the healthiest activities is to take a walk or jog near a lot of trees, away from the city in general. This helps you get all your thoughts in order. Thus you won’t spend your time on useless thoughts later on and you will have a clear idea about what to do. It also gives you a healthy dosage of oxygen that you may have lost out on while sitting in your four by four cubicle. This oxygen literally helps your brain function better and makes you a more productive person.

9. Learn new skills
No matter how good you are at it, nearly any skill will become obsolete eventually. It might be due to the hundred other people who can do your job or machines doing it for you. Believe it or not, being a “jack of all trades” can actually be a good thing. It shows that you can learn anything you want, thus making you a bigger asset.

Try to learn new skills now and then. You do not need to master it completely, just knowing the basics is enough. Once you’re sufficiently effective with one skill, move on to another. Be like your phone and constantly update yourself—take a class, or sign up for a degree or certificate program.

10. Smooth out the rough edges
A few people claim that best way to be successful is to be the best at what you do. “There is no need to be good at anything else”, they say. But what good is an army with just one extremely powerful weapon? It is always best to have an arsenal at your disposal—whether weapons or skills. Try and work on your weaknesses. They don’t necessarily need to become strengths, but it’s a good idea to ensure that they aren’t weaknesses anymore.

11. Be disciplined
Bruce Lee once said, “I am not afraid of a person who has practiced 1000 kicks a single time, but I am afraid of a person who has practiced a single kick a thousand times”. Discipline is one of the most important keys to success. Always practice and try to learn more about your field of interest. Do not neglect any of the new skills that you have been learning. The vast majority of successful people in this world have discipline—and they have gotten where they are by being so.

12. Think long term
People tend to overthink before taking a decision. They ask themselves all sorts of questions that range from History to Statistics and may not even be related to the topic. This might cause anxiety and stress. Ultimately, you don’t even end up getting an answer. At such times, all you need to do is ask yourself one question—“How will this affect my life one year from now?” Not all your actions will have a significant enough reaction. Missing out on a party will not affect your life in any way, but missing out on an internship might just change your life.

13. Be optimistic
The easiest way to keep clear of negative vibes and stay happy is to be optimistic. No matter what the situation is, try to look at the best case scenario or the silver lining. If anything undesirable happens, try and look at what you gained instead of what you lost. For example, after losing a football match, think about the experience that you got. Use that next time to your advantage and emerge victoriously.

14. Accept yourself
It is human nature to try and compare oneself to others. But what these people don’t realize is that every human is like a snowflake—completely unique. It doesn’t matter if the person next to you is better looking or smarter. You are different from that person and there must be at least one skill or trait where you are better than that person. Find this trait and use it to your advantage in the future. Accepting yourself is the first step towards happiness.

15. Have an empowering morning routine
Instead of getting up like a zombie every morning, try to get up early and freshen up. Go jogging, do yoga, or meditate. All these things will keep you energized throughout the day and also have a positive impact on your health in the long run. You could also try and say three to four good things about yourself every morning. It might seem a bit stupid at first, but it helps raise your self-esteem and build your confidence. This will make you more productive thus helping you succeed in life.

16. Express gratitude
Karma is an Indian concept which basically states what goes around, comes around. It is practically Newtonian. If you give respect, you gain respect; if you give gratitude, you get gratitude. It is as simple as that. Not only does it help the person receiving it feel better, but it also builds a bond. Try and say thank you next time to the person who steps aside for you, or opens the door for you. if nothing else, the smile on their face will be worth it.

17. Learn to prioritize
One of the essential components of time management is learning how to prioritize different activities. Covey’s Time Management Grid helps you prioritize tasks at hand. This will help reduce your stress in the long run and help you successfully submit all your assignments. However, prioritization doesn’t apply to just assignments. It applies to relationships as well. Understand which relationships mean more to you and focus on them. This will help you build your relationships and keep an everlasting smile on your face!

Some of these tips will help you succeed, while others will help you stay happy. But truth be told, success and happiness go hand in hand. Only when you are truly successful are you truly happy and only when you are truly happy are you truly successful. Follow these tips the best you can and discover the path to true bliss!

About the Author
Eliza Medley is an extraordinary blogger who works as a marketing expert for the Get Good Grade site and leads her own blog. She loves to read books, to travel the world and to communicate with people. You can follow Eliza on Twitter and ask her any questions.
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