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Dreams Provide Guidance

By Dr. Clancy McKenzie

It is possible to program oneself to simply awaken with the answer to whatever question one has formulated the night before.

More than two decades ago, I urgently needed an answer for what to do about an acute gall bladder attack. The pain was like a knife inserted below my right shoulder blade. Treatment of choice at that time was surgical removal of the gall bladder - and this I did not want. So I decided that my mind would work throughout all the altered states of consciousness during sleep, and that when I awakened, the very first thing that occurred would be exactly what to do.

The first thought was to apply the law of gravity to gall stones, for the first time in modern medicine. The gall bladder lies under the liver and points to the left. The first thought was, instead of sleeping on my right side, I must sleep on the left. The answer immediately was obvious. If I slept on the right side, any sand or grit would settle to the bottom of the gall bladder, and regardless how much it would contract, it would remain there. However, if I turned over and slept on the left side, any sediment would settle to the neck of the gall bladder, and with the first contraction it would be expelled.

I know where my thought came from, but where did the answer come from? Who answered?

Sometimes I think I am a slow learner. After seeing miracle after miracle for the first fifteen years, it finally dawned on me that this might be the same as the miracle of prayer. The only difference is that, with specific techniques for programming, it is possible to have that miracle any night at will. If it suits the dreamer better, you may pray, instead of programming, that you will have a dream that will tell you the answer, and you will get the same result.

After the gall bladder dream, I began sleeping on the left side, and the symptoms disappeared right away. Five years later, I had a return of the symptoms. I noted I had reverted to sleeping on the right side again, so once more I started sleeping on the left side and the symptoms immediately disappeared.

Wishing to validate or negate the gall bladder finding, I questioned everyone I knew who had gall bladder problems. Of the ones who slept on their side, eight of the first eight slept on the right side. This is significant. One over two to the eighth power is one chance in 256 by chance alone.

Such enlightenment techniques have existed for millennia. An Aztec friend told me the gall bladder finding was ancient Aztec medicine. When the Spaniards arrived they found Aztec medicine more advanced than European, and an Aztec physician translated the work into Latin for them. This text describes a herbal tea that facilitates the flow through the ducts, and, after drinking the tea, the patient is instructed to lay alternately on each side for 20 minutes, until the stones are clear. This is treatment for hepato-renal disease, so it applies to kidney stones too.

A Jewish friend commented that it is an ancient Jewish Law, from 200 to 300 A.D. In volume IV, chapter 71, subtitle Order of the Night, it is stated that it is strictly forbidden to sleep prone or supine. One must always sleep on the side, and should start out sleeping on the left side.

Programmed dreams were not unfamiliar to the prophets either. When Nebuchadnezzar had a dream his wise men could not interpret, he decided to have them beheaded. So the prophet Daniel asked him not to do that, and offered to interpret the dream for him. It did not matter that the king would not tell what the dream was - Daniel used the programmed dream technique. He told King Nebuchadnezzar that first he had to have a dream that would explain the king's dream to him. And that was precisely what he did.

The mind reaches beyond the dreamer - it has no limits, no boundaries. Everyone can take lessons and practice, everyone can learn to program for answers during sleep.

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The above insights that changed an entire field of thought came only through enlightenment techniques. With the help of the creative insights that he gained at the alpha level, Dr. McKenzie made a major medical breakthrough in understanding the cause of schizophrenia and depression that has helped 6,000 patients. More of Dr. McKenzie's work, including his new treatment methods, are featured on
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