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Can a 21st Century Technology Really Reprogram Your Brain For Success?

By Michael McGrath

Science has taken huge leaps forward in the last 100 years. In fact it is advancing at such a pace that in just the last few decades we have made bigger strides forward in technical advancements than all of human history combined!

However, many people believe that this push in science has forced humanity to lose its sense of the "soul" and its connection to the natural world. Therefore just when technology was widening its grip on civilization a slow, but sure, rebellion had begun as people cried out for a deeper connection to each other, the world and the universe at large. This rebellion gave birth to the billion dollar personal development industry that we know today.

Sometimes it feels as though the fields of science and personal growth are waging war on one and other! However, it is no surprise that with the accelerating growth of both science and the personal development industry that one day the two would meet.

This has occurred through Quantum Physics and other scientific disciplines. However, it has also taken a very practical form. The rise in demand for powerful self improvement tools has driven modern science to devise new technologies for accelerating personal growth, deepening spiritual awareness and even quickening manifestation times!

I am about to share with you the inner workings of one of these technologies and show you how you can use it to dramatically alter your life!

Anyone interested in self improvement knows that to make external changes in the world they must first delve into the deeper recesses of their own mind. As the great Indian leader Mohandas Gandhi said, "We must become the change we want to see in the world."

Unfortunately, making internal changes is often much more difficult to accomplish than it is to talk about. Identifying the beliefs and thought processes that keep us held prison in our own current personal reality is often difficult to accomplish. Even when we successfully identify those areas of ourselves that need to be changed, changing them is often a long process that requires a great deal of mental and emotional effort.

However, believe it or not, over 170 years ago a process was discovered to do this very thing. Back in 1839 it was found that when two special audio tones were mixed together in a certain way that the combined sound created a beat-type effect that did not actually exist!

However, it wasn't until 1979 that modern science discovered that these "beats" could be used to alter the brainwave frequencies of the listener. Through a process known as "brain entrainment" these special tones, called "binaural beats," can be specifically designed and recorded in such a way that they can create any specific brainwave frequency desired.

Studies have shown that by changing brainwave frequencies to specific brainwave cycles it is possible to create very real mental, emotional and even physical effects in the mind and body. In fact through the use of binaural beats it is also possible to gain instant access to the subconscious mind and reprogram it!

However, there is a faster and more efficient way of doing exactly the same thing - isochronic tones! Although binaural beats and isochronic tones are both audio technologies designed to do the same thing this is where the similarities end.

To benefit from binaural beats you must listen to them through stereo headphones or they won't work! They should also be listened to while you relax. In fact you should ideally have your eyes closed and be in a meditative type state. However, isochronic tones do not require the use of headphones and can be listened to through any playback device safely while you go about your daily activities. In addition there is mounting research that suggests they are much more powerful than binaural beats and create much faster results.

So, although many people suggest modern science has robbed us of some of our humanity and detached us from the natural world and our spiritual selves, perhaps it is starting to make amends with technologies such as isochronic tones!

Michael McGrath has been on a personal development quest for self growth for the last 25 years. Michael found that there is very little information available online that gives honest critiques of the many personal development products offered on the web. He therefore decided to share his experiences with such products, to test others and give unique, unbiased, free reviews of them.
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