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3 Ways to Change Your Life This Year


By Linda Mills

Today I would like to discuss how to make the changes you need in your life this year. The first thing we need to cover is why I am choosing the topics I’ve chosen. I wanted to cover topics that many people would be able to relate to and that a majority of people would say they struggle with. That being said let's jump into our topics. We are going to discuss healthy living, enjoying every moment, and the illusion of happiness. Let’s get started...

Healthy Living

With the new year being freshly upon us, many are trying to be healthier, which is a great goal to have. The problem most people run into is that they set unrealistic goals for themselves. Not many people will have to time, energy or resources they need to go from being 100 pounds overweight to being a fitness icon in a few months or even a year.

Make sure you know what your goals are and break down how you will be able to achieve them. If you want to be healthier, define what that means to you and break down how you will measure your success. Many people often talk about trying to be healthier, but never explain what they mean is to eat out less. So to make your health goals happen this year follow those instructions.

Enjoying Every Moment

Many people talk about what it means to live in the moment, but most people just think it means to be present in your current time. There is so much more to living in the moment than merely not being on your phone when you're out with friends or family. Living in the moment is all about being aware of what is going on around you and embracing your surroundings and situation.

For example, if someone had chronic pains many people would say to take a pill to make you feel better. By living in the moment you would embrace the pain and try and resolve the underlying issue. More often than not that will require visits to the doctor and the use of healing supplements like Heal-N-Soothe. But if you truly live in the moment you are oblivious to what is happening around you for better or worse. Take the time to look around you and make sure you understand your surroundings, and live in every moment of every day.

The Illusion of Happiness

Many people fall for the illusion of happiness, and I don’t mean they think their happy when they are not. What I am talking about when I talk about the illusion of happiness is when people believe they can’t be happy until they achieve a certain goal or level of success. Many people say I will be happy once I am rich, or have a better job, etc. The truth is if you can’t learn to be happy in your current state, and learn to enjoy the journey you are on, you have fallen for the illusion of happiness.

Instead of telling yourself that you will be happy once you get that promotion, tell yourself you are happy to be in a position that allows you to be considered for the promotion. Happiness isn’t something you have or you don’t have, it is something you tell yourself or you don’t tell yourself.


This trick will come in handy this year when you are trying to better yourself and improve your life. Many times we want something so badly we feel like we won’t be happy until we get it (new year resolutions much), but by telling yourself you are happy to have a clear goal and know what you want, you will learn to love the journey. I hope you find this helpful and use these tips in your life.

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