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How to Stay Motivated Forever

By Iain Legg

Do you ever get blank stares when trying to explain your dreams to friends and family? It's all to do with belief systems. Let me explain...

Everyone's mind is a result of a lifetime of cumulative influences and experiences. E.g if you've been told as a child that telepathy doesn't exist then you accept this subconsciously as a fact. This is your inherent belief about telepathy, not a fact... but you believe this to be true.

If someone was to demonstrate that telepathy actually exists, your subconscious cannot accept it. When proof is offered to a skeptic they simply block it from their mind. It's almost as if they skip to a different reality zone.

If you've tried to explain something new to someone and they've developed a glazed look in their eyes, if their attention drifts off, this could well be their mind blocking out your information. Some people just aren't as open minded as you.

Don't let disinterested or disbelieving friends and family stand in your way of following your dreams. Maybe from their perspective, successful people are just 'lucky'. It's unlikely you'll change their belief system. Let their skepticism motivate you to prove them wrong. It can be a great motivator. Or try this...

  1. Think about the most important BIG goal you've set yourself. Think about how you'd like to be really motivated to reach it, and to be really motivated to take action on those smaller goals that will lead you there.
  2. Now, think back to a time in the past when you were really motivated. Think about how you took action on that motivation and did whatever it was you set out to do.
  3. Run through that event and make the pictures bigger, brighter and more colourful. Feel what you felt and suck that motivation into your body as if you were there now, doing it again for the first time.
  4. Make the emotions stronger and stronger, and keep building up the feeling of taking action and successfully doing what you set out to do. Run the story through your mind several times, each time building the momentum.
  5. Now, as your motivation builds up, rub the palm of your dominant hand on your thigh. As you do so, think about even more occasions when you were highly motivated and increase those sensations even further.
  6. Keep rubbing your thigh, and know that whenever you want to call upon that highly motivated feeling, all you have to do is rub your thigh.
  7. Finally, while still rubbing your thigh, think about your most important BIG goal and all of the smaller goals you must complete to make it. Imagine reaching them with everything going well, reaching that big goal right on your deadline.
Can you see what we're doing here? We are taking your motivation which you clearly have and adding it first to the motion of rubbing your palm on your thigh, and secondly adding that motivation to the thought processes of reaching your most important goal.

Now the great thing is that you can do that exercise for every goal you set yourself. By imagining it all going perfectly well and reaching every goal on time, you re increasing your self-belief and getting your motivation flowing around your body.

And when you're highly motivated and you take action on that motivation then you're much more likely to reach your smaller goals which, in turn, breeds even more motivation.

If it helps, do that exercise a few times. You'll soon feel incredibly motivated and, when your motivation starts to subside, rub your palm on your thigh to start bringing back all of those amazing motivational feelings!

And if at any point in the future you find your rub-your-thigh motivational trigger subsiding, simply do the entire exercise again.

Still struggling to stay motivated? Here's how I keep going....

My biggest motivation is fear. It's not the fear of NOT achieving my dreams that scares me, it's imagining a life where I knew my dreams were possible but giving up on them. That's what scares me the most. That's what drives me on.

Many people live a life where their dreams died along with their childhood. What was once a life filled with unlimited possibilities, has now become a life of boredom and mediocrity. By reading this article I know you're different. You've opened your eyes and your mind. You've discovered your potential.

You can now choose a life of purpose and passion... or a life filled with regrets. Isn't that motivation enough?

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