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The Battle of Happiness That
You Can Win...
Positive Mind Leads to Positive Life

By Amanda Johnson

A positive mind is more than just having an upbeat attitude. It can create and add real value to your life. Various scientists and experts have studied the effects of positive thinking on your work, life, and health.

In this study, it explored what negative thoughts can do to your brain. It turned out it could register fear.

It’s been long known that negative emotions affect the brain to perform a specific action causing you to focus on fear and how to eliminate it. By harboring negative emotions, you’re narrowing your mind and ignoring other options that can be relevant.

You shut off the outside world while you limit your options. For instance, if you’re stressed out, you might find it challenging to start your work because your mind is more focused on the long to-do list. Negative emotions hinder your brain to seek other options.

But if you only welcome positive emotions, like joy and love, you see a lot of possibilities in your life. The study suggested that positive emotions can broaden the opportunities that you have while they open your mind to more options.

After experiencing positive emotions, the effects don’t stop there. They enhanced your skills while they help in developing resources for later use.

For example, if you choose to hang out with positive people, you start to communicate effectively with them, thereby, developing social skills. As you explore the society, you’re also developing your creative skills. In other words, having positive mind and emotions will prompt you to build skills that are valuable in your life.

The foundation can develop better communication skills, for example. With those skills, you’ll soon be offered a business manager job. Although the creation and exploration of new skills ended, the skills you’ve developed live on.

That is how positive emotions can be useful in your life. They open your mind to endless possibilities to help you build new skills that provide value in your life. A negative thought, on the other hand, prompts you to develop skills that are only relevant to the present and not for the future.

So, what can you do?

  • Allow your mind only to consume positive thoughts
    In the healthiest places to live in US, people here consider life to be just 10 percent of what happens and 90 percent of it pertains on how you react to those events. Since negative thoughts can lead to negative reactions, you’re likely to act negatively.

    Thus, researchers recommend practicing meditation. Daily meditation provides more positive emotions. Those who meditate daily continue to display having positive social support, purpose in life and decrease disease symptoms.

    You may also start changing some aspects of your life that cause you to think negatively. Make sure to keep your mind occupied each time a negative thought pops up. Then, start focusing on the good things that happened and list all the things that you’re grateful for. Always make your mind think of positive thoughts.

  • Start your day with a positive thinking
    When you wake up in the morning, tell yourself that today is a happy day or is better than yesterday. A self-talk is not a sign of narcissism but it’s actually a sign of having a positive mind. So, always tell yourself that you’re smart and beautiful.
  • Forget the past
    Successful people don’t live in the past. Instead, they live in the present because they know that they can no longer change what happened before. They enjoy the present moment and stop worrying about their future. Living in the present can give you happier and more prosperous life.
  • Be with positive people
    You need to interact with individuals. But never surround yourself with negative people because they only have negative stories to tell and negative outlooks to share. Instead, surround yourself with people who only spread positivity.
  • Opt to be happy first
    It’s true that, after achieving something, you’re happy. Like when you land a job or find someone you love, it brings contentment and joy to your life.

    However, happiness is actually critical to help you build skills that allow you to be successful. In other words, it’s both the precursor and result of your success.

    Happy people can easily develop new skills. And these skills help them lead a successful life, thereby, giving them more happiness. This process repeats itself.

    Having positive mind is critical to help you open your mind to endless possibilities that let you build valuable skills.

When you start to seek joy and pursue adventure in your life, your brain will give you endless possibilities that can help you lead a positive life. Since you’re the driver of your bus, you can choose the energy that you want and opt to be happy and upbeat. Fuel your life with positive energy so that you can accomplish things that you would not have thought possible

Amanda Johnson is a freelance writer from New York. She loves writing about marketing, self-development and new tech. She loves her 2 dogs too!
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