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In Search of Happiness Today

After a year of forced "isolation" and fear, talking about happiness seems uncontrollable, utopian, and almost ironic.

What we used to consider necessary and unavoidable in our daily lives has now become almost a mirage. Cinemas and theatres, restaurants and pubs, parties with friends still seem a much more distant memory than they really are.

It is a destabilizing situation, and we must ask ourselves if we question the definition of happiness and what really determines it?

Can we be happy despite the changes we are experiencing? How can we be satisfied if we have had to give up so many things? Is it really possible to be satisfied when you are so afraid of what the future has in store?

A possible explanation

The subject of happiness and a possible explanation has always fascinated mankind. Writers, poets, philosophers, ordinary people all find themselves thinking about, describing, searching for this state of grace. Let us examine a few definitions:

Happiness in psychology

Happiness in psychology is traced back to variables such as well-being and life satisfaction. It is described as the ability to experience positive emotions and the ability to realize one's aspirations and develop one's talents.

According to Argyle, a psychologist and scholar of this emotion, happiness is represented by a general sense of overall contentment. This can be broken down in terms of pleasure in specific areas of our lives.

At the same time, happiness, as other scholars have pointed out, is linked to the number and intensity of positive emotions a person experiences in life.

What are the experiences and emotions that contribute to happiness?

  • Pleasure: a positive feeling that can become the object of motivation;
  • Joy: emotion that regulates our physical, psychological and social functioning;
  • Happiness is associated with different situations that take on subjective and relative meaning. In the context of wish fulfillment, joy expresses a state of mind linked to the achievement of a goal;
  • Serenity/good humour: general emotional state connected to the experience of positivity and enjoyment, but also of calm and tranquillity;
  • Optimism: a tendency to interpret things according to a state of confidence and positivity;
  • Enthusiasm: state of mind related to joy that results in an experience of strong motivation towards someone or something;
  • Well-being / Life satisfaction: state of happiness linked to precise physical, psychological and social conditions. It is a variable that can be measured; quantitatively based on socio-economic, biological, and psychological parameters (quality of life).

Needs and desires

We could summarise the various known theories by talking about two types of positive experience:

  • Experiences associated with the satisfaction of needs
  • Experiences related to the fulfillment of desires

Need expresses a primary necessity. The lack of satisfaction makes it impossible to live adequately. Necessity and positive satisfaction are indispensable for the development of a total capacity to desire.

Instead, the concept of happiness is linked to the fulfillment of desires. Its primary function is to develop the motivation of the human being over a period of time that goes beyond the satisfaction of one's own needs.

In fact, desire does not lead to the immediate satisfaction of an impulse. Still, it is a drive that sets the person on the path to search for something broader.

Happiness in its most complete form

Happiness in its fullest form is not an experience determined by conditions external to the individual but by a set of subjective experiences that invoke a sense of fulfillment, tranquillity, and freedom.

In this context, happiness has to do with discovering one's desires even in the absence of actual fulfillment. By nourishing this awareness, the ability to enjoy the possibilities that life offers also grows.

The state of happiness

Therefore, the state of happiness is linked to the experience of loving life as a whole, exactly as it is, without conditions. It is a form of active acceptance of things, expressing the ability to enjoy what one has and what one is.

Can one be happy today, even in these conditions of forced withdrawal?

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Live each moment to the fullest

Observing and consciously living each moment, in the absence of the daily stress caused by this forced stop, can lead us to be grateful for what we are allowed to do today and make us aware that happiness does not lie only in the final goal, but in the path we follow to reach it.

Happiness is a choice. It is the choice to see the beauty in the little things and turn our attention to what is there in this moment, to what is possible rather than to the lack of it.

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