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The Power of Mind

By Hugh H. Hudson

To understand partly how the brain works it is necessary to make an analogy to the sparking plug of a car. This causes a spark to be issued at its tip end, but this can only happen if there is a pressure of force. The pressure governs the rate and quality of the spark, most cars have 4-6 of these plugs and chambers, usually one of these spark plugs is designed to give a high spark at low pressure. The mind is the same and the front of the conscious brain is the part that idles and you must see that there would not be a more fitting word. The rest of the brain works on high quality spark. It is in these pressures we are interested.

Now in nature, as you know, nothing happens straight away. Plants take time to grow - think of how many things need warming up - so realize by this, it is stupid to think that because you are you, that you can defy the laws of nature and have instantly a new state. The brain needs warming up and the brain need a promise called IOU. Try thinking of something, remembering that you are not a good timekeeper, for example. Your brain is, however. If it were not, you would decide to do something and your brain would forget to activate your moving center and you would just not do it right. So you owe the brain some power of will in return.

If you do not do anything, this is a mistake. Think how to sensitize the wheels of yourself to the problem and time. See that all of you has at some time been connected with the problem. Perhaps the problem is a matter of energy levels.

Now, connected with every part of you is a record of previous peaks of strength, levels of energy, tiredness and so on, and it is all filed away in the subconscious. But unless you consciously bring the whole of you into play in an itemized fashion, you will have to try and solve the problem with a fraction of the information available. Because unless you do include the whole of you, you will only have access to what the conscious mind has experienced and knows.

So it is best to completely sensitize oneself to the problem by a good preparation, and you will also realize that this preparation should be multiple. So what can be done? If you are a wise person you would see that any phenomenon can be put in, knowing that at the same time that you can alert or bring to a peak anything you like at this time, even for future use. So as an example, you can bring in inventiveness. How be this be accomplished? Give yourself a reminder, be inventive and do anything and everything, the more the better. Do it, do it until you are fed up with it, then do it again, feel it, live it, etc.

You may initially feel stupid doing this, but this will harden you against having 'stupid' as a link to this activity. You want things to come into you, so when you have trained yourself to all this, your moving center will get filed away with the idea of inventiveness and do it all for you. You have just reprogrammed your mind and now you can collect the fruits: ways, skills, alertness, inventiveness, and much information, versatility, mental toughness, fluidity, wide scope, acute senses, a brain that works with itself and on the whole, constant information coming in and an encyclopedic bank of knowledge. Correct pressures spark much energy. If you train yourself well you will make a great leap ahead.

Mr Hudson was the maternal grandfather of Gregory Mitchell, who developed the Mind Development system. He comments, "My grandfather showed me back in the late 1950s about 9 different exercise books containing his writings and he expressed the desire that I should take them over if he died and continue with the work. I think that the central idea my grandfather is trying to put forward is that the frontal lobes of the brain are lazy, so they must be put under enough pressure to start the mental engine and get it to run properly. In short, without concentrated will power the frontal lobes will only idle - they will do no real work. But if they can be made to run, there will be a massive leap ahead in consciousness and one's mind will become encyclopedic. Sounds like our courses, doesn't it?"
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