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How to Grow Your Personality -
Methods and Resources to Follow

By Barbara Elliott

Do you have a condition when you don't want to do anything? When you are not in tune with yourself. When you only want to lie in a bed and look at one point. Don't whine! It's time to reboot! It's time to develop yourself! Life is full of fuss, worries, and days fly by. We forget that we need to constantly improve mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Forgetting to get better every day! This does not mean that you are not great now. If you want to maintain happiness, motivation and peace of mind the constant development is necessary. I am convinced that you need to develop yourself regularly and there are peculiarities of this process at every age. Speaking of what it means to develop yourself, I would immediately like to dwell on the fact that this is a complex concept that is based on such fundamental points such as:
  • Development of oneself as a person;
  • Develop yourself creatively, intellectually and spiritually;
  • To improve yourself in a certain social sphere;
  • Developing yourself as a representative of a business or a specific profession.
grow your personality

When is it worth starting to develop yourself?

It is important to understand that development is an ongoing process, it’s just that at each stage new goals and objectives are to be solved.
Many philosophically searched and are looking for answers to this question, and at the same time they cannot offer us a universal recipe that can be suitable for everyone. I would like to emphasize that development at 3 years old is no less important than development at 25 years old. Many of our habits, inclinations, and even creative moments are instilled from early childhood, so why not constantly develop and improve them. And here we are talking about hunger (in the good sense of the word), creative, spiritual, intellectual hunger. When you feel thirsty you seek to fill yourself with fresh water. First, you are saturated with a few drops, and then you are not enough even one glass. Please, open any textbook on psychology and you will see such a huge classification of self-development types, that you will be surprised about such aspects even exist. I want to dwell on the main steps that are important, and in which areas I try to develop myself every day...
  1. Create your own inspirational workplace!
    Today, it is often said that the process of teaching a child and an adult (in particular at a university) should be turned into a fun game, thereby triggering development mechanisms. It is difficult to disagree with this. Do you remember the time when we took a felt-tip pen or a brush for drawing the first time? A masterpiece, to put it mildly, was so-so, but each time our skills improved and our skills became more conscious. Your environment sets the mood and for you. Try to live in an inspirational environment, and you are going to be inspired every day of the year, not just this one.
  2. Make time to read every day!
    Books are sources of wisdom. The more books you read, the cleverest you will be. If you read a book every day, you will feed your brain with more and more knowledge. Books expand your consciousness, and give an experience that you may not be able to get in real life, they make you think. It is the easiest way to grow your personality!
  3. Spiritual development!
    Meditation, relaxation techniques, relaxation, healthy, calm and regular sleep help to develop spiritually and enjoy life.
  4. Get out of your comfort zone!
    Getting out of your comfort zone helps change your life for the better. It is not in vain that all successful world speakers reiterate with one voice that leaving the comfort zone is the only right way to develop. It is there that miracles happen.
  5. Forget about TV!
    The most of the programs and advertisements on mainstream TV are usually of a lower consciousness. In return, the time you’ve freed up from not watching TV is now used for other purposes, such as reading, doing your best, exercising, etc.
  6. Learn from your friends!
    Everyone has amazing qualities in them. You can learn something from, in every friend who surround. Think about just one quality they have which you want to adopt. Ask yourself, how can I learn from them and adopt this skill for myself?

There are some resources that can help you to understand yourself better:

  • Resumeget (
    From this website you can take useful information about improving yourself and career development
  • Lifehack (
    Here you’ll find valuable tips to cope with difficult situations and people. There are relationships, motivation, communication, and lifestyle on this website.
  • Instagram (
    There you will find your inspiration. It is a network that contains everything. Daily inspiration is guaranteed.
  • TED talks (
    These are ideas worth spreading that relate to education, health care, art, culture, business, and plenty of others. Among the most outstanding speakers, there are economists, politicians, and social sector representatives.
  • Trans4mind Personal Development Resources (
    Last but not least, this website has a phenomenal range of tools for transformation - see the menus at the top of this page.

We can be writing list articles with 10 tips, 100 tips, 1000 tips or even more ways to improve yourself, but if you don't have an intention to commit to your personal growth, it doesn’t matter! Not your mom, your dad nor your friend are responsible for your personal growth — not anyone else, only you.

But one of the several thousand eyes that have read this article will begin to act. He will apply the advice from this resource and achieve his goal. And what about you? What are you waiting for? Do something! Do not go back to your usual state, because it is a setback. I believe in your strength. You can do it!

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