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Feelings: The Essential Essence of Who We Are

By Michael Fisher

Imagine a life without feelings. Would it be possible to enjoy anything at all? We function in a physical, mental, emotional and spirit body. If we take the word 'feeling' and apply it to these levels of consciousness we can examine were this will lead us. What would it be like to experience life in a body devoid of the ability to feel at a physical level? We would be numb, impervious to touch, pleasure or pain. Would it be possible to stay in touch with who we are without the ability to feel who we are at a mental, emotional or spirit level?

Our feelings are the essence of who we are. They fuel the energy that we constantly reinvent during the course of our lives. Our feelings keep us informed of our state of being; they put expression into our lives. Feelings motivate or de-energize us. They are at the core of our problems and they galvanize us into action, positive or negative. We are our feelings at every stage of our lives. They inform us of who we are, optimistic, hopeful, depressed or sad. They give value and meaning to our existence, our relationships, our dreams and aspirations.

That is why it is so important to identify the feelings involved with our lives. In our problems are our opportunities for change, after we have identified the problem the very next question is, "And how does that make me feel? What is the feeling attached to the problem? And where do I 'feel' it in my body?"

The outcome is to change the resonance attached to the feeling. We are not only our feelings as we experience them, but we need to understand our feelings and their source.

In a recent session with a client, he stated that he felt he had no connection to God, he said he had lost his connection to Spirit, he felt empty and alone. I offered him the possibility that he was suffering from Divine Nostalgia. He instantly understood what I was saying and broke down and wept at the recognition of what he was actually feeling.

We can run away from our feelings to a certain extent. It happens all the time. It is known as denial. In a grieving process through loss, caused by death or the death of a relationship, we may attempt to block the feelings associated with the event; block the flow of feeling energy from the inner core to mental awareness. Some forms of repression can be quite crippling. This can happen when hurt or sorrow and similar forces push us to the edge of our capacity to accept such pain and loss.

The self, who experiences all of this is the centre of our feeling nature. Feelings must be identified, accepted and felt before they can be dealt with. Identifying their nature and what they are trying to tell us is essential to understanding our current state of being. Informed knowledge of our feelings is essential to maintaining good relationships.

Feelings are information about who and what we are, where we stand in our personal evolution and where we are going, or what is curtailing us from moving forward in our lives. Recycling old feelings keeps us stuck in our lives and are a way of staying in what is familiar that limits our lives. Moving through our feelings and changing the resonance with our feelings are what drives growth. Accepting our feelings and working through our unconscious patterns attached to these feelings allows us to release them and free them from their hold on the psyche and meets the need to be identified and expressed. We release them only after we have embraced them and expressed them in a safe environment.

We validate ourselves and others by understanding and hearing the feelings expressed. In our communication with others acknowledging a feeling can verify, "You are important. You are valuable. You are worth listening to." During any difference of opinion or argument a way to release the negative energy around it is to state clearly what the incident was, free from any judgment statements, and then say "and this is how I feel" or "this is how it made me feel." Thus we are stating just the facts and the feelings attached. When we feel heard we feel validated and can come to some kind of closure and peace.

Feelings are transient, sometimes we feel stuck with them, but very often we move from one feeling to another. That is the nature of who we are. To acknowledge our feelings is important. That is why in a session of Resonance Repatterning to ask the question "and how does that make you feel?" creates an unexpected possibility for the person to identify and acknowledge the feeling consciously for the first time.

At a physical level when any part of the body is numb, or without feeling, it is dead to the touch; at a mental or emotional level when we feel numb or without feeling it is unnerving. As sentient beings we are sensitive to being stroked or struck. We can celebrate what we feel, even if it is pain, because this feeling will move through us, once it is acknowledged, and we know we can survive and move on with our lives, spiraling upwards towards greater coherence.

"Seeing's believing, but feeling's the truth." —Thomas Fuller (Gnomologia)

Michael Fisher is a longstanding certified practitioner and teacher of Resonance Repatterning. In order to experience a session of Resonance Repatterning you can e-mail or phone at 604-264-9011 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada and book an appointment. A phone-in or proxy session typically takes up to an hour and a quarter. Currently, Michael is doing phone-in sessions with clients in Birmingham, Seattle, Connecticut, Zurich, Calgary, Edmonton, and Kamloops in Canada. More information at
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