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Finding Peace and Clarity During Times of Crisis

By James Robinson

If you are living in the year 2020 then you are experiencing a global crisis that is being universally felt and experienced. If you think about it the last time that there was an event that was mutually experienced by the whole world at the same time was World War ll. Most of the crises since then have been country specific. In that context it really makes the COVID-19 situation seem more serious. There are many people who are truly struggling through this time. There are a few very simple tactics that you can employ to make this difficult time more manageable.

Control Your Internal Environment

One of the most un-nerving things about these times is the feeling of having no control of your own outcome. It is not totally in your control if catch a worldwide pandemic, it isn’t your fault and that can make people feel helpless. There are a few things that you can control that may make the biggest difference for you. Your response to a situation often is more important than the actual situation itself. Make a list of things that are within your control. You can control things like how clean your home is, your diet, your activities each day but most importantly you can control your self-talk and attitude.

This is the ultimate opportunity to make your home a place of zen and peace. Practice positive affirmations, practice meditation and yoga at home. Keep your home clean and orderly. Don’t spend the whole day in your pajamas, wake up on time and get ready like any other day. Set up a routine for your day, diffuse soothing essential oils into your home and let some natural light in. These are just a few things that you can do to help be in control of your circumstances. Focus on those things within your control gives you a feeling of empowerment and confidence.

Influence Your External Environment

Now, there are some things in your external environment that you simply cannot control. But you can take steps and precautions to have a better outcome in these difficult times. For example, you need ONLY have enough rations for about 2 weeks in the case that you get it, you will show symptoms within the two weeks and usually it is over shortly thereafter. Take great care to stay informed as well. Don’t listen to people you follow on social media, they are not trained professionals. Stay up to date with credible sources like the Central for Disease Control and Johns Hopkins University.

If you are not one who cooks at home very often this is a great time to learn a few simple recipes that you like. A great tip is to make enough for a couple more people than you have and then freeze them so that you can have a ready-made meal in the future maybe when you are running low on ingredients. Many people are buying bottled water in bulk which is not helpful for them. If you get COVID-19, the water in your home will still work just fine.

In the recent global struggle, it is difficult to know how to cope and make the best of the situation. Ultimately the thing that will make the difference is learning how to intentionally choose your response in this difficult time. Even if things are scary and difficult you can always choose your attitude and what you do about a situation.

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