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How to Appreciate and Enjoy
Simple Things in Life

Simple Things

What is happiness? There is no single answer to this question. For one happiness is owning a luxury house or an expensive car while the other would feel happy when watching a beautiful green lawn after he spent hours pushing a lawn aerator over it. All people are different and so is their vision and life perception. So many men, so many minds. It often happens that being rich and having everything, many people rather feel miserable and useless than happy.

At the end, happiness is not something one can touch or grasp. It is all about well-being, a peaceful state of mind, inner balance, and harmony. That is why it’s important to notice and enjoy those simple things surrounding us and precious moments that make our life meaningful. A walk in the park with you dog, a smile of your loved one, a bird warble in the morning, a piece of warm apple pie with ice cream, anything that fills you with positive emotions and brings a kind of serenity.

Here are several tips and ideas that we hope will help you savor life and feel happier...

  1. Get out of your shell.
    Strange though it might seem but leaving in the world of technologies and always keeping track of events people feel lonely and abandoned as never before. Instead of dating we chat in Twitter and Facebook and type messages to our friends and relatives via Skype, Viber or Whatsapp instead of visiting them. We replace real-life contacts and talks by virtual communication. Go out more often, not just to get to your office or go shopping but to have a walk with an old friend, drink a cup of tea with your parents or simply ride a bicycle in the park. Meet people, shake hands, share smiles. Make compliments to your loved ones and even to strangers. Making other people feel good, you will feel better as well.
  2. Focus on your yourself.
    Rather than trying not to miss chances and opportunities constantly being after huge achievements, focus on what you really want. Stop binding yourself to stereotypes and step aside from commonly accepted cliches. Don’t strive to be what others want you to be. Be yourself and leave in the moment. Every day has both its joys and struggles. Be grateful for the joys to overcome the struggles.
  3. Revive sweet memories of the childhood.
    Childhood is the sweetest time when we felt loved and protected and could really enjoy simple things. Remember what made you excited in the childhood and do it again. Watch your favorite cartoon, ride a rollercoaster, eat a big sandwich with peanut butter or fly a kite to let the magic of the childhood come back to your life at least for a moment.
  4. Watch the sunrise and the sunset.
    Think it’s a trite idea? Then ask yourself how many times in your life (if ever) you watched a sunset or a sunrise. Days, weeks, months, and even years go by so quickly that we do not even notice the course or time and the drastic changes it brings. Watching as the passed day fades away and the new day borns will let you better realize the time and see your life from another perspective.
  5. Find time to relax.
    In a fast pace of modern life, occupied with numerous chores and routine tasks, we lack time to relax. And it is not necessarily sending a two-week holiday on the Bali. Sometimes, it is enough to lounge in a deck chair in the shade of a small garden umbrella in your own backyard to reconnect with yourself and restore your energy.
  6. Enjoy your morning cup of Joe.
    Their way to work, many people drop into coffee shops or small cafes to take along a cup of double espresso, latte, or hot chocolate. However, most would quickly drink it almost reflexively while reading a book in the bus or talking by phone. Yet, tasty food and drinks are those simple things that bring delight. Why don’t we enjoy them? Give yourself several minutes to sit in a cafe near the window with a steaming mug and enjoy the coffee taste and flavor. No wifi, no Internet, no urgent emails. just you and that pure aroma.
Simple Things

While we are chasing for welfare, prosperity, and success, it might appear that we already have everything to be happy and enjoy our life. We just need to realize and accept that.

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