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Stop Your Emotions Bullying You

By By Roger Elliott

This story, although simple, is profound and really can change your life:

Once, a poor but wise old farmer had a horse which ran away. His neighbors rallied round and went to him with many condolences:

“What terrible luck!” They chorused sympathetically.

But the old farmer just smiled and said:


The very next morning the horse miraculously returned, bringing three other beautiful and healthy wild horses with it.

“What wonderful luck!” said his neighbors.

But again all the old man would say was:


The following morning our old farmer’s son tried to mount one of the wild stallions. He fell off and broke his leg. Now the farmer’s neighbors came to him with more condolences.

“We feel so sorry for you and your son! What misfortune!”

But of course the old man just said, “Maybe!”

The day after that military officers came to their village in search of strong and fit young men. The King of their land was scouting for conscripts to use in an unjust, fatal and hopeless war. On seeing the old farmer’s usually fit son now with a broken leg they passed him by.

The neighbors congratulated the farmer on how well things had turned out.

“Maybe,” said the farmer. And so the story continues.

Strong emotions make us jump to perilous and self defeating conclusions. In this way they tyrannize us. The depressed person jumps to hopeless conclusions, the person with anger riding on their back is convinced of their rightness. To see life more realistically so that we can master more situations we need to relax the tendency to prematurely assume.

If you, like most of us, sometimes feel you could usefully hold off from leaping to conclusions why not try our Don't Jump to Conclusions hypnosis download.

Here's to opening up to life, not shutting it down.

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