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How to Be Comfortable Without
Knowing Something

Many people are the planners, while others prefer to go with a flow and are not afraid of spontaneous surprises from daily life. The surprises are good, many people love them, though we do also feel way safer when we know certain things and I am simply informed about the upcoming things. This can be as simple as planning your weekend or your Friday evening. Though, there are days when we don't really know what to expect and do not really follow the plans we have initially made. Do you recall the feeling in similar situations? You might feel very uncomfortable at this point and might be given to your saddest condition.

When you no longer know what to expect, you start overthinking. When thinking is generally good, it might also lead you to the anxiety attacks, and you can very easily freak out at this point. It is necessary to learn to control yourself, your feelings and your thoughts. Otherwise, you will really have some trouble with self-control. It is essential for you to stay positive and have an easier outlook on the world and perceive the case as it is. Whenever you step into the unknown just take a deep breath and let it go positively.

Not knowing things and being uncertain about some things are two of the most vulnerable things. You should know that you will not always get answers and you will not always be sure about things. In theory, you can not be sure about anything, there comes tomorrow, and we never know what to expect from it.

It has been said that “the past is history, the future is a mystery and now is a gift that’s why it’s called the present.” Indeed, we know everything about the past, as it has already happened and we have already lived it once. We have some outlook for the future but we never know for sure what will happen, as there are plenty of things acting independently from us and then all we can have is the present. This is the moment we can learn from and we can take after for the future.

The point of the matter is that you shouldn't spend all of your time looking for the answers. Planning is good. Sometimes it's key. But working yourself and stressing yourself out when trying to just know everything isn't worth it. Get comfortable with the unknown. Get comfortable with spontaneity. Most importantly, get comfortable with life. Tomorrow isn't promised.

Few of us know what’s coming in our lives. We make plans and think about the future in attempts to avoid the unexpected, but life has a mind of its own. We have retirement funds, life insurance, and living wills, but still, we can't be sure about anything. It's amazing we can manage at all given how little we really know.

Different nations differ from each other with tendencies, cultures, and traditions. Some nations are more spontaneous while others are the ones who prefer going with the flow. Some nations such as Swiss people are the ones who are the most organized and almost always have plans A, B, C and every consequent letter for the new cases. While Swiss people are the ones who love to plan and are always in control of the things that happen. Unlike this nation, Canadians are more or less spontaneous people. They can easily adapt to unknown situations and when this can still be chill about things.

Canadian people share similar characteristics with the British people. They all live like there is no tomorrow and thus try to get the maximum and the best from today. This is a great way to always be satisfied and to feel safe and sound with your thoughts. Perhaps now is not that bad and it is worth focusing on.

Generally, if we talk about life, it would be very much comprehensive to compare life to the casino and the casino games. Everybody knows that the casino games are for chances, those can be called the chance games. You know the game and you know the rules of the game, but the thing is that the rules never rule the game. It is all about rules, only in order to stay within the game. Once you are lucky enough and manage to match the rules and the chance, you win the jackpot. Jackpot games for real money CA, look just like life. You have to follow the rules, you have to watch the cards and guess if the opponent is lying or not, to follow or to lead. This is the whole philosophy. But the main question is that you do not really know. Even when you open all of your cards, you do not really know what is coming up and this is what makes you play more and more. You are already into it. You are excited and you want to know how it ends. The whole life cycle.

Many people understandably dislike that. In cases like these, the theologian Reinhold Niebuhr’s well-known “Serenity Poem” actually has some psychological clout:

“God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,
Courage to change the things I can,
And wisdom to know the difference.”

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