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Why Having Confidence Can Improve Your Life

By Connor Christopher

The way we see ourselves has a huge effect on the way we perceive and interact with other people. Do you get the feeling that people don’t like you? Do you have trouble speaking up when you need to? Are you struggling to communicate with your partner? Confidence is important to almost all aspects of our lives. It’s what allows us to love ourselves and other people.

Improve your relationship with others and love life
You’ve probably heard something of the idea that you must love yourself before you love another person. What you might not have heard of is the reasoning behind this. If you lack confidence you likely find it difficult to find something about yourself that you or anyone else would describe as valuable. When we meet people that do find us valuable those without confidence find it hard to trust them or feel as though this perceived ‘misguided’ affection indicates that there is something wrong with this person. By gaining confidence not only will you be more comfortable approaching the people you would like to get to know better, you will also feel more comfortable and happy in your relationships.

Improve your work life
Having confidence isn’t necessarily about being the loudest person in the room or the one that talks the most. Quiet confidence exists. The quietly confident person doesn’t feel the need to shout in order to be heard, but instead commands respect with their atmosphere and wins the approval of their peers through patience. This may be the sort of person that you are. By gaining confidence you can have access to your untapped potential and in the workplace you will thrive. You’ll be less likely to crack under pressure and be less susceptible to stressful situations. Confidence will also help you take beneficial risks in your work and make you feel more confident when recognising either a good risk or a bad risk. Confidence could open so many doors and help you lead your career in the direction you want to go.

Improve your time alone
Time alone isn’t something we can avoid. There will be times when you’re separated from your friends or confronted with a function that you need to attend alone. In most of these situations you might sneak into a secluded corner or pull out your phone and pretend that you’re socialising, being cautious of anyone that might be looking at you and mocking your isolation. Being alone is nothing to be ashamed of and improving your confidence will help you realise that. Once you feel comfortable in your own company you open up a lot of opportunities to do things that you might have been too embarrassed to do in the past. You could strike up a conversation with a stranger that looked particularly interesting. All of those films, exhibitions etc. you have been desperate to see are readily available now that you realise that a chaperone is not a necessity. The stress and anxiety that stems from the paranoid concern that strangers are judging you for being alone will no longer plague you. Life is so much more enjoyable once you remove those imaginary constraints that held you back and you find that you have a lot more freedom than you initially thought.

Confidence isn’t something you can just will into existence. It’s something that needs to be developed and nurtured and it may take some years. It’s unlikely you will find confidence without changing in part. Sometimes it takes an external change to begin the process of improving your confidence. Maybe that means losing some excess weight or getting a hair transplant in Turkey. Otherwise it might require an internal change. Perhaps you and a therapist confront some of the events in your life that prevented you from developing confidence. You should not feel as though you aren’t worthy of help. If your lack of confidence is inhibiting your enjoyment of life then a professional will help you take the first steps on the right path and you should never think that your problems are not serious enough to deserve attention. In time, when your confidence starts to improve, you will see that you are deserving of help, success and happiness.

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