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Summer 2022: Why it's Gearing Up to Be
the Best Summer Yet

Best Summer Yet

Summer 2022 is upon us – and do you know what that means? Warm sun, visits to the beach, long strolls with the breeze blowing, family barbeques, long weekends, and vacation time.

As you gear up for summer, you will need to prepare for all the events that you will be attending as well as for all the products you will need to have the summer of your dreams.

Depending on what your style is, you may want to spend your summer having a laid-back set of parties with your friends, a barbeque weekend with the family, a pool party, or even a weekend away camping. In order to gear up for the best summer you have ever had, you will definitely have to think about what items to purchase and what activities to partake in.

With the summer only a couple of months away, to prepare, we’ve got a few great suggestions that will help you have the best summer you could possibly imagine.

Dress Leisurely for the Warm Weather

One of the benefits of summertime is the incredible warmth. If you live in a four-season location, you likely crave the heat because you know that it is incredibly short-lived.

One of the ways to take full advantage of the heat is to dress appropriately – and if you are a man, then what better way to do so than putting on a graphic tee.

These t-shirts are great – especially if you have a leisurely and laid-back fashion aesthetic. Not only are they made out of light and breathable material – which is especially great on the hot summer days – but they are great for any outfit that you choose to wear.

Whether you are going for a morning walk or run, attending morning brunch with your family, visiting with friends for a beer on a city patio, or hanging out to gaze at stars in the evening while romancing your partner, a graphic tee is a great choice for any time of day or event.

Kick Back with the Sound of Vinyl

One of the great things to do on a warm summer day is to kick back, enjoy the summer elements, and put on a great record while you take in a good book. If you are the kind of person that really revels in all kinds of musical genres, a great way to boost your summertime fun is to get yourself a record player and play all of your favorite records. The Sound of Vinyl is one of those gifts that you can give yourself that you will never regret.

This is an especially great summer choice for those who enjoy collecting items or building a collection if they are new to vinyl. If that is the case, you might consider purchasing a set of vinyl records to begin, continue on, or complement your existing record collection.

Whether you are a fan of rock, rap, jazz, classical, or electronic dance music, there are plenty of vinyl record options to build your personal collection. You can also spend the summer delving into a wide array of collections that include known and obscure artists.

Doing so might lead you to discover that you too have become a fan of vinyl and the artists memorialized on them.

Take a Weekend Off to Camp

If you are instead a person who likes to use their summertime to get away from the city and enjoy all that the great outdoors has to offer, you might consider taking some time away camping.

Unlike city life, camping can have great benefits such as: gaining some well-deserved peace and quiet, unplugging from city life and enjoying the simplicity that nature has to offer, getting outside and getting more exercise in your day-to-day activities, learning key life skills such as preparing food and managing shelter effectively, reducing your stress, getting a boost of vitamin D from getting a lot of sun exposure, and even getting better sleep.

If this sounds like an ideal way to spend your summer, you might consider using some of your summer cash to purchase a campervan rentals.

The great thing about these rentals is that you can get out of your comfort zone without necessarily sacrificing any comfort that you might be used to while vacationing.

Using a campervan allows you to book and plan your trip quickly and start your trip – all from the ease of your phone.

Once you are finally on the road, being in the safety of a campervan allows you to use the van’s amenities and off-grid capabilities while also stopping less along the way.

All of these benefits help you explore more and have the best summer trip imaginable.

Inflate a Float and Swim

If you are the type of person who enjoys staying home for the summer, all you really need to have fun in the sun is a great patch of grass, a drink in hand, a book for when you are lounging about, and a FUNBOY pool float. While these items are typically for use among toddlers and very young children for summertime use and even swimming lessons, there are also great float options for adults as well. While the most common floats include inflatable rings and armbands – especially in the case of young children – these items come in a variety of sizes, designs, and purposes.

You can choose from a range of items, including colorful loungers, floats designed in the size and shape of cars and planes, beachballs, cabana-style floats, flamingos and swans, the classic tube-style, and even a disco dome.

Once you have figured out which float suits you best, you can then put on your bathing suit, inflate your pool float using its easily accessible valve, and enjoy your afternoon swimming and lounging away.

And whatever you do, don’t forget your summer drink of choice as it will make your experience lounging in the sun that much better.

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