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Dreaming Tips & Techniques

By the Immrama Institute

Learning to remember your dreams
In order to explore your dreams fully, you will need to train yourself to remember them. Remembering your dreams and keeping track of them will allow you to watch for potential dream patterns and cues that appear regularly. Those patterns can be used to help trigger lucid dreaming. Recording the details of your dreams will also help you to analyze each dream's potential meaning.

Begin by keeping a dream journal. Keep a notebook beside the bed and write down your dreams before getting out of bed in the morning. Even if you can't remember the dream in its entirety, write down any notes or recollections you have, no matter how small the detail may seem.

Keep in mind that dreams are slippery things. The moment you awaken and get out of bed, your dreams begin to slip away from memory. Instead of waiting to record your dreams until later in the day, make it the first thing you do upon waking.

As soon as you find yourself awake, stay in bed. Remain comfortably lying down in the same position and begin to recall as much as possible about your dreams. Once you have a good grasp of your dream details, pick up your notebook and write everything down.

The key to this practice is to do it every day. Patience and persistence will definitely pay off. You'll gradually find it much easier to recall your dreams, and much easier to discern their meaning.

Conscious Dreaming Affirmations
In order to control your dreams, the first step is realizing you're dreaming. As you drift off to sleep each night, repeat one of the following statements mentally to yourself:

I will awaken within my dream tonight and will realize I am dreaming.
I will become lucid within my dream tonight.
Do this every night as you fall asleep, mentally repeating the statement over and over until you fall asleep.

You may also want to combine one of the above statements with a separate statement instructing your mind to remember your dreams upon awakening, such as:

I will bremember my dreams after awakening.

Dreamwalk: The Complete Conscious Dreaming Program
"Dreamwalk" is an exciting new program designed to help you learn how to become consciously aware during your dreams, how to remain lucid throughout the dream, and how to apply the practice of conscious dreaming for personal growth and improvement. Conscious dreaming — often referred to as "lucid dreaming" — refers to being consciously aware that you are dreaming while the dream itself is taking place.

There are several different levels of conscious dreaming, ranging from simply being aware that you are dreaming to being able to control your own actions in the dream to ultimately being able to control the dream events or dream environment. The "Dreamwalk" program will teach you first how to recognize when you are dreaming and how to hold onto that conscious awareness throughout the dream. Then, you'll learn how to control not just your own actions within the dream but also the events or dream environment. As you master these skills, you'll learn how to decide when to take full control of the dream events and when to sit back and allow your subconscious mind to steer the dream while you remain a consciously aware participant.

Learning the art of conscious dreaming can be beneficial in many ways. As we develop our conscious dreaming skills, not only do we become more aware within our dreams, we also become more aware of the subtleties in waking life. We begin to take notice of things of which we previously were not aware, both within ourselves and in our surroundings.

Through conscious dreaming, we can learn how to improve our mental and emotional well-being, how to better understand ourselves and our inner drives, and even how to use our dreams to practice skills for waking life.
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