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Finding Your Place In The Puzzle

By Angel Shadow

If you take an honest look at your life, it will fall in one of two categories. You know exactly who you are and what your purpose is, with all your key players supporting you or you're feeling lost and confused, wondering when the next shoe will drop.

If you fall in the first scenario, you've found your place. You know where you fit and the individuals involved in your life fit perfectly around you. This article is for individuals who fall in the latter. Your life is confusing. Your goals are not set and you feel you are wondering aimlessly, trying to find your place. The first thing is to acknowledge that you're heading in the right direction. The fact that you're aware your life "isn't working" is actually a positive thing and hopefully it'll motivate you to find what does.

When something is right for you, you'll feel it. Deep in the core of your being, a light will shine that will tell you,"This is the path to follow." If you continue to follow what feels right, you'll notice the individuals and circumstances in your life will begin to fit. There is no forcing. No pushing. No shoving. Everything will flow and move you into place. This doesn't mean there will be no effort or work on your part, but when you follow what feels right, things seem to click.

What is it you truly want to do in life? What interests, hobbies or vocations make that light in you shine? This is where you should start and once you figure that out, decide what steps you need to take to make that happen. Making that connection is easier than you think. It's all about projection and aligning your vibration with those of like energy. You will know when the connection's been made by the feeling you receive. Don't focus on a particular individual. Simply "feel" what you want and allow that feeling to grow, projecting itself out so it can make the proper vibrational connection, aligned with what you need. Be certain of your emotional projections, because you'll always get what you ask for. Like attracts like. So "feel" what you want and need. Hold that feeling, then release it, knowing the circumstances you need will come to you.

Once you find your place and the people and circumstances match your needs, take a step back and imagine humanity as a puzzle. Clearly see it in front of you. How does it look? What section of the puzzle does your piece fit in? Notice how your surrounding pieces blend with yours, creating the design for your section. Now look to other sections of the puzzle and see how each piece interlocks to create another section. Just because you don't "fit" in that section, doesn't make it unimportant. It simply means that isn't your area. You belong in your section, with like pieces that create the design for the pattern you're meant to weave. All pieces have their place and are necessary for the picture to take shape.

Humanity isn't a square shaped puzzle. We've all seen those puzzles that are shaped like the very design you're putting together. For example, a frog shaped puzzle with frog pictures set inside. An angel shaped puzzle, made up of angel shaped pieces that create angel designs in the puzzle itself. Think of humanity in this way. With its own shape and size, growing and expanding at all times. It has its own sections of like projections, but all sections are necessary for the puzzle to be completed. Each section represents a part of the big picture.

So what happens when you're viewing the big picture and notice the loose pieces that have yet to be placed. Do you leave your established spot to go assist them? What if you do and can't locate your spot again? How long will you allow yourself to wonder aimlessly before you remember all you have to do is call out and your other surrounding pieces will hear you and shine a light for you to follow. Feel free to help other pieces find their place, for once you leave your established spot a few times, finding your way back is a breeze. Over time, when you take that step back and view the big picture, you'll notice fewer loose pieces that need to be placed.

So if you feel you're a loose piece that hasn't been placed or you're simply lost and can't find your way back, call out. Project your needs and watch for the signs that life brings you. Pay attention. Your support system is there, shining the light for you to follow, but it's your job to see it. There will be times when no one will come to rescue you. No one to take your hand and lead you back to your spot. Sometimes, the experience of getting lost and finding your own way is exactly what you need. But you're never truly alone. Your beacon of light is always out to it and follow it home. Your place in the puzzle is waiting.

Copyright © 2003 Angel Shadow
My childhood was full of abuse and neglect, which lead me to my volunteer abuse work. It also lead to anxiety and panic attacks, which I suffered from for years, so I'm dedicated to helping others in that area as well. I have now found my own personal freedom, based on my own personal truth and nothing could be more liberating.
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