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Choose the Dream

By Gavin Anderson

What if I told you that you could live the dream of your choice. What if I told you that you could transform your life in an easy and safe way. Would you do it? Would you believe?

Unfortunately most don't. Even faced with the choice to have it happen easily or to fall back into the comfort zone, most people choose or default back into their comfort zone. Then they wonder why they do not have success. Then they wonder why they do not feel good about their life. Are you doing this? If so, why?

Let me tell you why. It is all about responsibility. Really think about this in your own life. If you want something you have to be responsible for choosing it.

Let's say you want something as simple as a new shirt. You need to make some choices. What style do you want? What use do you want to fulfill? What color do you prefer? Short sleeve or long sleeve? What kind of fabric? How much are you willing to spend? As you can see it takes about 5-6 choices just to pick out a shirt that will make you happy. And guess what? When you take it home and really take a look at it and try it on with some other clothes you may realize that you are not happy with it at all. What do you do?

You might choose to return it and start the process all over again. Or you might decide that even though it is not exactly what you wanted, it is good enough and you end up keeping it. Now every time you wear it you are reminded that it wasn't exactly what you wanted but it was good enough.

Now that might be fine for a shirt but compare that to choices you make for your life. There are a lot of people out there that will not go the extra mile and return the things they don't like; instead they accept them and say it's do-able, it's good enough.

Here's the good news. Unlike clothes, you don't need to, in a sense, return your life. If you are unhappy you just need to change your life, like changing clothes. The best news is that it can be just as easy as changing clothes. You see, the key is in the decision. To change clothes of your life you need to change your mind. As it is a growth process, you don't even need to be that complete. It can start with a simple decision of intent to start the process to change.

To start the process of changing your mind you need to make a few preliminary decisions and to be aware of a few items. You need to know what you want. You need to know where those wants are coming from. You need to understand your thoughts and your mind. You need to have a strong foundation of right minded beliefs and thoughts. You need to remain constantly vigilant of your beliefs and thoughts. You need to uncover the beliefs and thoughts that have been programmed into your being and re-evaluate them to align with your current wants and goals. You need to embrace change as a positive growth process. If you resist change, more than likely you will be unhappy.

Step 1: Take the time to figure out what it is you specifically want and get it focused in your mind. Have a complete vision and a sense of the feeling that emulates how it would actually feel if it were true. Sit quietly experiencing this vision and feeling.

Step 2: Learn to discern between your higher self /divine voice and your lower self /ego voice. Make sure the wants you are focusing on come from an alignment with your higher self /divine guidance and not from the lower ego or your false self. Suffering always follows when you make choices from the ego self.

Step3: Feed your mind! Like your body, only good stuff should go in. Connect and stay connected to your divine source to provide all needs! Follow your inner guidance/ intuition to lead you to the correct books, audio programs and websites.

Step 4: Evaluate and readjust. Go back to step 1 and adjust or reevaluate. You can change it, for it is growth to change. Lead yourself to a new place!

Continue to use these 4 steps to lead you to the new you!

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