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Simple Advice That Will Make You Happier

Everyone has their own definition of happiness. But everyone can also agree it involves being content with what you have and living in the moment. In other words, happiness shouldn't be based on something that's supposed to happen in the future. Happiness is relevant right now, and here are some ways to create some moments as you enjoy the journey we call life.

Appreciate What You Already Have

Before sharing some advice on how to be happier, one of the best ways to live in the present moment is to appreciate your current situation. The stress you normally put on yourself to get a bigger place disappears, along with other expectations you set for yourself. Instead, you congratulate yourself on what you have achieved thus far and take a moment to bask in it.

With this piece of knowledge at the back of your mind, let's get into the advice promised earlier.

1. Take Five Minutes to Be Grateful

Every day, for at least five minutes, linger on one thing you are grateful for. It doesn't have to be anything major. Anything you consider a positive in your life, which is quite a lot when you think about, will do just fine.

2. Thank Someone This Week

According to this Plano therapist showing someone thanks can make you a lot happier. Whether you do it with a note or in person, make a point to thank someone every week. And when you don't have a specific reason to thank someone, then let them know you appreciate their friendship or support in general.

3. Use Relaxed Breathing Exercises

Something as simple as a few deep breaths can be powerful enough to change your mood and perspective on life. This is especially useful when you feel things are getting too much. Just take a few deep breathes through the nose, hold them for about 3 seconds, then exhale through your nose.

4. Do Nothing

This sounds a little strange, but for two minutes, just sit and do nothing. Take note of what happens during these two minutes, which is nothing. That's right, you are still alive and everything is fine. More importantly, you didn't need an external form of entertainment while you did absolutely nothing. It's more fun than you think.

5. Catch Up with Old Friends

As a final tip, contact an old friend you don't really get the opportunity to speak to. Life gets in the way and everyone understands this. But you will feel great after making the call, and so will your friend.

6. Speak to professionals

There are many methods of therapy that can help you if you feel you need it. Music therapy is proven to be successful and a very pleasant way to feel better.

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