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5 Best WordPress Themes for
Therapists and Counselors

Tele-therapy has become popular among patients and therapists due to technological advances. In 2020, in-person practices had to shut their doors to patients, further pushing teletherapy’s popularity. Patients who had limited access to therapy now could meet a licensed therapist from the comfort of their homes. For therapists and counselors, adapting to this change is crucial to keeping current clients and attracting potential clients. 

Creating a professional-looking webpage is the first step to a successful online presence.

To create a successful web page for your practice, you need a website that reflects your firm’s spirit and professionalism. Choosing a theme from WordPress can seem like a daunting task when there are thousands of color schemes and font possibilities. Besides an elegant front page, the right theme also requires functionality that captures new client information or creates bookings instantly. 

For an example of a professional, finished website, visit MindDiagnostics. MindDiagnostics provides self-administered quizzes to help determine whether you have symptoms of a mental health condition. For a closer look, visit their website today. 

We found 5 of the best WordPress themes for therapists and counselors that include beautiful landing pages and the best features to create your website or blog.


Divi is one of the most popular themes for therapists because of its tools and variety. Divi includes elaborate and simple picture schemes you can customize to your liking. Users can choose whether they want a lavish landing page with vibrant colors or a simple color scheme that inspires tranquility and a safe space.

Divi comes equipped with essential tools every practice needs, such as an About Me page, a contact page, a home page, and a landing page. Divi also offers a unique tool called a DiviLeads tool. This tool allows you to test out which of your page’s features attract the most attention and, alternatively, which page received the least amount of clicks. This powerful tool will set you up for success and getting a closer look at what your viewers pay most attention to, allowing you to harness the power of analytics.


MindCare is a professional WordPress theme fueled by presentation and utility. The theme has simple yet effective color schemes and sidebars that don’t clutter your site and provide space for the most important information and a landing page that lets you add an image of your choice. MindCare helps build a good first impression to potential clients by having an add-on that allows you to collect their email for a more targeted outreach approach.

MindCare allows patients to book their appointments in advance or book information sessions for first-time clients. MindCare offers pages with limited space, ideally suited for tailored images, and a slideshow option that keeps the attention on your practice. 

MindCare also simplifies your experience by adding on the WooCommerce plugin. This plugin allows clients to make payments for their therapy. Depending on how you adjust this setting, you can allow patients to make partial payments or bulk payments for future appointments. MindCare provides many options and features to keep your mind off creating a website and more time delivering quality service.

Hypnotherapy and Psychologist

The Hypnotherapist and Psychologist theme has a plethora of interactive, user-friendly features that are sure to invite new and returning clients. Hypno & Psych features grids that list your services as well as sliders that show a slideshow of selected images. 

One of the best features of this theme is its capability to host blog posts and articles. Hypno & Psych provides blog themes with different palettes that give you a wide variety to match your websites’ color scheme for anyone interested in including regular blog posts or relevant articles. Their tool, Visual Composer, gives you full access to choose how you want your page to look. Hypno & Psych also has an online form page that lets potential clients provide their information and inquire further. 

While catered to hypnotherapists and psychologists, Hypno & Psych’s variety, versatility, and ease of use will help anyone in the field of Mental and Spiritual Health create a beautiful, professional website. 

Laura Anderson

Do you want to make your website as stress-free as possible? Are you not particularly savvy in website design but want your website to look professional? Look no further than the Laura Anderson theme. This theme makes it a breeze to create a professional-looking website in a few easy steps. 

Laura Anderson has many ready-to-use templates that allow you to upload your images and information to hit the ‘Publish’ button in record time. This theme is geared towards therapy, psychology, counseling services, and individual mental health professionals seeking to promote their services. This template gives you a choice between 3 homepage layouts and a contact page and form for prospective clients.

The template also provides access to the Visual Composer for more color options and customization. The pull for this template is simplicity. If you already have a clear image of how your website should look, Laura Anderson will help you build it fast.


Psychiatrist is a powerhouse of a template geared towards therapists, counselors, and psychologists. This template has pre-set themes and home page options that will guide you through every part of the creation of your website. Psychiatrist has the option of seeing demos of finished websites to see which example most closely pairs with your vision. 

Psychiatrist is made for professionals who are both new to creating a website and veterans who want to launch a site without too much time investment. The only issue is customization. While the theme does allow customization, it requires the WPBakery Page Builder plug-in. This plug-in gives more choices regarding color and font types but may not be as user-friendly as other plug-ins. The option is there, but you may need a little more time to work on your site. 

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