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5 Ways You Can Motivate Yourself

Motivate Yourself

When people hear the term “personal development,” it can mean several different things. In this article, we’ll describe it in a motivational context. In other words, if personal development is your aim, you’re trying to motivate yourself to reach new heights in your professional endeavors.

Motivating yourself can be a challenge, but there are some ways to do it if you get a little bit creative. Let’s talk about ways you can push yourself to hit the various professional milestones you’ve set.

You Can Plan a Vacation for Yourself and Your Family

One self-motivational tactic is to arrange a vacation for yourself and your immediate family members. You might head to Myrtle Beach, SC, New York, Los Angeles, or anywhere else that appeals to you.

Once you arrange that vacation and put it on the calendar, you have something to which you can look forward. If you’re working very hard at your job, it’s nice to think that in a few weeks you can relax on a beach somewhere, play some golf, or whatever else appeals to you.

Vacations have not been possible for some people recently because of the pandemic. Now that vaccines are widely available, though, you can once again use this motivational tactic. You’re more likely to want a vacation now than in previous years because of how tough Covid-19 restrictions have been on everyone over the past few months.

You Can Plan on Having a Nice Dinner When the Work Week Ends

Maybe you have a big project that you’re working on at your job, or perhaps you have to work a couple of doubles one week. That’s not easy, and you should reward yourself when you finish with this challenging stretch.

You might decide that you’ll reward yourself and your family with a special dinner on Friday or Saturday night. Maybe you like to cook, so you get yourself some nice flank steaks at Costco and prepare them using your favorite marinade. If you don’t want to cook, rewarding yourself in this way could mean ordering pizza and breadsticks from your favorite local Italian restaurant.

If you do this, you have something to which you can look forward, and you’re also supporting a local establishment. You might even decide that if you’re fully vaccinated, your treat to yourself could be taking your significant other out to a local eatery. If you’re both vaccinated, then you might be ready to try indoor dining again.

You Might Buy Yourself a Nice Bottle of Wine or Liquor

Maybe you enjoy high-end wine or liquor. In that same scenario, where you have a pressing work assignment taking up a lot of your time, you might motivate yourself with a trip to the liquor store when you finish the workweek.

You can check out their high-end Scotch selection. Maybe you’d like a bottle of Glenlivet or something along those lines that you can sip on the back deck that evening. Perhaps you’re more into a nice Malbec that you can open and enjoy with your dinner.

The thought of that can help you get through the week if it’s Tuesday or Wednesday, and the weekend seems far off. It’s just a little treat for yourself, but the anticipation will make it all the more special.

If you’re not a drinker, you might get yourself some edibles if you’re in a legal recreational weed state. That can take the edge off as well, and you might spend the rest of the evening watching movies with your family or playing video games.

You Might Have a Shopping Spree at Your Favorite Store

Maybe some retail therapy can motivate you. If you’re working very hard lately, you might promise yourself that you can go to your favorite store and indulge in some shopping if you push yourself hard and achieve your professional goals.

Maybe you’re an avid reader, and you’d like to pick up your favorite author’s latest novel. If you’re into fashion, perhaps you’ll buy some makeup or a few new clothing articles.

You could splurge on Amazon if you’d prefer to do your shopping digitally. Just make sure that whatever you get, it’s not too spendy. If you’re going into debt to get what you want, it’s more than an indulgence, and it’s no longer proportionate to the work you did.

You Might Pamper Yourself with a Spa Day

Since many pandemic restrictions are no longer in effect, you may decide that a spa day is the best way to motivate yourself. You can call and arrange a weekend appointment. That might include a manicure and a pedicure, a full-body massage, a chemical peel, and whatever else sounds pleasurable and relaxing.

You might meet some of your friends there so you can gossip and catch up on what’s happening in each other’s lives. This is particularly nice because you can vent a little bit about what’s happening at your job or with your family if there’s anything frustrating you.

If you have kids, maybe your significant other can watch them while you unwind. When you come back, you will feel much more relaxed, and all of your tension will be gone.

These are just a few motivational suggestions, but you might be able to think of other ones if these do not appeal to you. Ideally, you can thrive it if you enjoy your job, but even if you do, you can sometimes feel pressure to finish a big project. You might operate under deadlines, and you want to strive to distinguish yourself.

That’s how you impress your bosses and get promotions. The key is having everything in balance. If the occasional treat is what pushes you to do well, there is no harm in it.

Everyone, including the most successful people, have motivational frameworks in place. You have to figure out what works for you and stick with it. If you don’t, your work can become a seemingly endless slog, and burnout can occur.

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