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5 Ways to Challenge Yourself to Do Better

Challenge Yourself

As you grow older, you become more mature in tackling every decision and choice in life. And when you are wiser with your choices, your quality of life gradually improves. You can say goodbye to bad relationships, regrets, and toxic jobs. But before you achieve this level of maturity, there are things you need to do and seek.

No one needs to be stuck in their old and immature selves. While being youthful is a blessing, you need to emotionally and mentally grow over the years. Personal growth is necessary in order for you to move forward in attaining your life goals.

If you feel like you're in a rut in this aspect, worry not. Consider the following ways to challenge yourself to do better:

1. Devise a Vision Board

If you want to achieve your goals in life, you need to find ways to do so. At times, you must embrace the help of tools, resources, inspirations, and other ideas. One excellent tool available at your disposal is a vision board. Using a vision board helps you to manifest your dreams and missions in life by arranging images or objects in a specific way. This has been a proven-effective method for many people, and you can see it for yourself.

Vision boards can come in digital or printed formats. Either way, they come with versatile purposes. Whether you intend to create a vision board for your personal or professional growth, this comprises different images that will help you continue that fire of motivation as you strategize ways to attain goals.

By creating a visual representation of your dreams, you have something that will remind and inspire you to take steps toward achieving them. Vision boards are helpful no matter what time frame you intend to use them. For instance, if you have a 5-year or 10-year plan, a vision board effectively challenges you to do better daily. A vision board is usually placed where people can see it often. The most typical place is to display them in your bedroom, your dresser, or somewhere you frequently pass through. This could be on a mirror, a blank wall, or your cabinet door. The purpose of vision boards is to remind you of your goals and shape your actions and thoughts. It constantly gives you ideas on where you should be heading and helps you formulate real-time strategies that can impact your long-term plans.

2. Start Writing a Journal

Writing is a very effective therapy many psychologists and doctors recommend to their patients. And it's very flexible too. It can express your opinions, ideas, emotions, and dreams. Start writing a journal and see how this can help improve yourself.

Keeping a journal can help you become more accountable for your new goals. You can also track your progress, and it helps relieve stress.

So, at the end of the day, make a habit of writing in your journal before you go to sleep. You can keep a notebook on your bedside table or have a notes app downloaded on your phone. Either way, use it to express whatever you've manifested and thought about for the day. Connecting with yourself through journaling can be a very personal and intimate experience. You might not know it, but it's one way you can do to help yourself become a better version.

3. Socialize and Mingle With Diverse People

Participating in social activities is a must in anyone's life. And if you want to learn from others, it would be wise to mingle with diverse people. This allows you to become more open-minded and listen to other’s perspectives, cultures, stories, opinions, and views. Like exploring cuisines, you can taste other flavors and experience delights.

If you're not the extrovert type and feel like it's a lot of work to meet new people, it's time to challenge yourself to get out of your comfort zone. Strike a good conversation with strangers and take part in culturally diverse communities. Participating in online forums and discussions is enough to broaden your beliefs, and all these can help you become a better person.

You can better understand the reasons behind something; you'll be slower to judge someone. Stereotyping and prejudice can be prevented when you try to be more culturally aware of others. You can learn something from everyone. Engaging with various people expands your network, exposes you to real-life stories, and provides exposure. This is not only good for your personal growth but even for your professional profile too.

Challenge Yourself

4. Set New Goals and Accomplish Them

Take some time to think about different things you've never done before. List them down and challenge yourself to attain them. If you haven't had the guts to pursue them in the past, think it over again. And maybe this time, it can be attainable.

As you grow older, don't fear setting new goals. After all, change is inevitable. You can still be a better person even when your plans have changed. Embrace the new you, and don't be scared to shift or modify goals. Once they're set, find ways to accomplish them one step at a time. Don't rush, and trust the process instead.

After all, you can gain a great deal of value from life by gaining new experiences and developing yourself in the process.

5. Learn Something New and Difficult

As mentioned, you must get out of your comfort zone to improve yourself. This tip is the epitome of doing so. You should learn something new and challenging. Go out of your shell, learn new hobbies and sports, or partake in unique activities.

You only live once, so take every chance you get to learn something. Whether it's riding a bicycle, enrolling in a master's degree, baking, doing yoga, or something way out of your context - just learn it. Whatever comes of it, you'll indeed have many learnings along the way. And all these will contribute to making yourself better and more mature.


Personal growth is necessary to make wiser decisions and live a better and more fulfilling life. With the tips above and some tips for success, you can definitely challenge yourself to be better. Get rid of fear and hesitations, and embrace a go-getter attitude. Soon, you'll be able to translate your dreams and live with no regrets.

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