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10 Ways to Develop Growth Mindset

growth mindset

By Kurt Walker

Our mindset is a key part in determining how we react to different situations which affect our growth and development. Several times we have failed to get better at certain things because when we failed at them, we didn’t consider failure as a means of growth and so we quit. The growth mindset is simply a desire and a decision to get better in what you do, no matter how difficult it gets. This mindset is not an in-born talent or gift, we have to consciously cultivate and develop it. Here are some ways to do that:

1. Embrace failure and learn from it

Mistakes and failures are inevitable, if we are indeed trying to develop ourselves. Failure limits us in two ways, either by the fear of failing or the inability to get up from failure. Firstly, you have to defeat these limits in your mind, and this victory is key to developing a mindset that is programmed for growth. You must embrace the fact that; to grow, you must leave your comfort zone, and in doing so, you could fail or make mistakes. Secondly, when you actually fail at something, rather than beat yourself up, take a careful look at why you failed and be ready to do better. Some of the most practical and valuable lessons or insights that we get in life, come from reviewing our mistakes and doing better.

2. Be curious and inquisitive

Another important way to develop the growth mindset is to be curious and inquisitive about the areas that you are involved in. To grow, you must develop the habit of always trying to find out everything you possibly can, about your field. Always asking questions about things you are not sure about. The growth mindset is not scared to say “I don’t know this; can you explain it to me”? Curiosity and inquisitiveness show that you want to learn, and to grow, you must learn.

3. Pursue what you love

It is several times easier to develop and have the passion to grow when you are doing what you love and enjoy. You will discover that your mind finds it easier to endure, adapt and be interested in something that you have always loved. An expert at EssayMama who rose through the ranks always attributed her incredible growth to hard work and her love for writing.

4. Don’t seek approval

The need for approval can greatly hinder your growth, especially when you don’t get the approval. Of course, when you begin to get better at what you do, people will approve and applaud you, but to have a mindset that is in sync with growth, that approval must never be put ahead of actual learning. You must be ready to do things that will ensure your growth, even when it’s not popular with people.

5. Get to know yourself

To develop the growth mindset, it’s important that you are aware of your gifts, talents and thoughts. In getting to know yourself, you could ask close family members and friends, you can also take conscious effort in following your thought patterns. This will help you know under what situations you fall into the fixed mindset instead of the growth mindset and nip it in the bud. You can’t develop a growth mindset if you don’t know your own mind and gifts.

6. Throw yourself at challenges

You have to be willing to take on difficult and challenging tasks that will strain you and teach you skills such as hard work and determination. For example, as a student, who says you can’t write an essay that is equivalent to what experts write at NinjaEssays? Take up the challenge and see how it works for you. To develop a mindset that is always ready for growth, you have to develop perseverance for facing challenges and overcoming them.

7. Emphasize hard work and diligence over character traits

It is a common but wrong belief among people with a fixed mindset, that the need to put in a lot of effort is as a result of inadequate innate ability. This belief comes because they have learnt to praise character trait at the expense of effort and hard work. You hear people being complimented for being smart and not for the effort put into the work. This emphasis on traits makes people feel that they are not smart for a thing when they don’t get it once. To grow, you must do away with this mindset and instead, compliment and celebrate hard work, effort and diligence.

8. Celebrate with others

Another important way to develop the growth mindset is to genuinely celebrate success in others. The growth mindset is not a jealous or wicked one, but a cheerful and encouraging one. Celebrating others does not only show maturity, it allows others to help us in any way they can. So, the next time someone achieves something around you, celebrate with him or her even if things are not going exactly well for you at that moment.

9. Be positive about criticism

To develop into a person that is always growing, you have to be able to respond positively to criticism from others and use such criticism to improve yourself and your work. Being positive about criticism means that no matter where the critic is coming from. This has always been one of the tricks paving way for in a competitive industry. You should always be willing to learn from criticism, as long as it’s constructive and justified.

10. Don’t be in a hurry

Growth does not come overnight, it takes time and it requires patience. To develop the growth mindset, you must be a patient person, ready to learn all the curves.


When Michael Jordan failed to get into his high school basketball team, he only went back and worked harder, and he became one of the greatest of all time. He had a growth mentality. If you are going to excel in your chosen field, it is important that you develop this mentality.

Kurt Walker is a professional editor and writer at and at He specializes in technology and productivity contents at Kurt is also a senior research analyst at In his spare time, he loves reading novels and playing piano.

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