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How to Find Yourself in Life? Tips

I've tried so many things to find myself! It was a hard process of soul searching. I opened the world of yoga, dancing, basketball, modeling agencies, I spent three days trying karate (I couldn’t last more) and even went swimming, discovered oil painting, poetry writing, theater and acting courses, and even vocals.

When I asked Google about how to find my dream, I found a huge volume of information, various tests and incredible methods and techniques. In this article, I managed to combine five best methods, which really helped me. I really hope that my selection will help you to reach the final point of your soul searching. All of them can be used together and even complement each other. I really recommend checking each of them and trying to implement these unique techniques in your life one by one. So, let's move on!

Method one: Make a wish list

Everything is extremely simple in this case. You need to take a notebook and write a list of your wishes and desires (as for the nearest future, as well as global things). The key element to pay attention to is the number of them. You need to find at least a hundred wishes!

Now choose the best 10. The next step is to find 3 winners of your competitions. They have to be the best of the best. For example, one wants to become a great boxer and reach the level of Artur Beterbiev. By using this unique method, you are able to define your real wishes and desires. You will understand what you really want from your life. And now it's time to act because you already know what you really want!

Method two: Imagine that you inherited a fortune from an uncle

This is my favorite and one of the most efficient exercises! I'm pretty sure that it will perfectly fit the real fans of dreaming. Imagine that one day you were told that you inherited a fortune from an uncle. You've never seen him before, but he was one of the richest people in the world. He decided to leave you a couple of million dollars. Now you need to write an essay to find answers for the following important questions:

  1. What will you do now when you are a millionaire?
  2. Which activities are you going to eliminate from your life?
  3. What will stay with you forever even when you have those millions?

Method three: Always check the history of your browser

I found this option in a blog of the famous psychologist and writer, Ivan Pirog. He says that one can become a real professional only in a field that really attracts and interests you. Furthermore, you need to use this sphere yourself to fit in. That's why you need to ask yourself the following question before starting to find the reason for living:

What kind of information really interests me at all times? Where do I feel an endless interest and inspiration? Maybe I want to build a gun cabinet?

In order to find the answer, just open the history of your browser and use the right way to check the list of websites for the last couple of months. By doing so, you will be able to build a list of the most popular and demanded topics for you. Now it's time to write all the observations down to your notepad.

Method four: Create a new version of yourself

It's impossible to find yourself because you have to create something new!

The same goes for the purpose of living and your own way in this world.

One can be happy and satisfied only by creating something in their own way. It can be any form of art: you may crochet or even open a metal can producing factory. The most important thing is to love what you do and to have the required abilities. At the same time, the fruits of your actions (including money) are nothing but a sweet dessert. It can't be the only thing that you want to get from your life.

Method five: Write all the time

A while ago, I was looking for answers to the most important questions of my life in writing. Imagine that you face a situation when you have no idea what to do. You need to take a notepad and write all your thoughts and ideas down.

That's all.

Talking about me, I have to confess that I used all these techniques and methods to understand that my numerous interests are not disadvantages, but a way to develop myself (even if I have to develop and expand instead of discovering my inner world).

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