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How Timing Changes Lives to the Better?

Effective time management can definitely improve one’s life for the better. We all equally have 24 hours in a day but why do some people seem to have more things done than others? It’s probably because they know what to do with every minute of the day. Planning your day promotes productivity. So how do you organize your time?

  1. Assess your daily activities

Before even plotting time for specific tasks on your planner, find out how much time you spend on the things you usually do everyday. This allows you to find out if you are wasting too much time on something or so that you can plot a specific amount of time to make sure that you get your work done right. Either way, this is a good place to start to organize your schedule.

  1. Create a schedule and a to-do list

It is easy to write things that you need to do but following the schedule you set to do it in and actually checking off the things in your list can be hard. Different factors may affect such as procrastination, distraction, or laziness. Either way, discipline can help you stick to the schedule you have created.

  1. Plan ahead

You can do this daily or you can do this weekly. You can also write things as you think of it so you don’t forget but generally, it can be helpful to take the time out of your day or week to think of the stuff that you may want to do or accomplish. Like if you need to do your groceries, plot out what day of the week or what time of the day you can do it in. For more important tasks there are tools that can help you keep track such as This can make sure that you don’t miss important appointments. It can also help you make sure that you are on time and not late for your appointment. Tools such as this also have additional features like it can show you some information about the appointment which is extremely helpful especially if you have a lot to attend to.

  1. Focus on a single task

Doing a lot of things at once can prove to be less helpful than only focusing on a single task. There are also instances where you do these little things that can prolong you from finishing your work or even prevent you from having fun or being in the moment. When you are writing a report don't stop to randomly check your emails. If you are having dinner with your family don’t answer work related texts. Be present and don’t do anything half hearted.

Organizing your schedule is not just for work related activities. Planning can also allow you to make sure you have time for other things like your hobbies or spending time with your family and friends. Time management can improve lives for the better because it makes your life balanced. It can be a way to remind you to give time for other things too.

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