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4 Things You Should Be Tracking Daily

There is nothing more satisfying than keeping a tracked list of daily activities and tasks that help you stay on top of your goals and achievements. And it is so easy to do, all you need is a reliable pen and a well-sized notepad to keep a note of everything you wish to track.

You may be sat there thinking this is all well and good, but what exactly are the main things that I should be tracking? Well, here is a list of high-priority tasks and duties that you should be keeping track of on a daily basis.

Annual goals

With it only being the second month of the new year, this is a great time to still keep track of any annual goals you may be wishing to keep. Goal setting is a huge part of leading a productive life and moving forward in your journey of life. It’s difficult to make quarterly or monthly goals without knowing what you aspire to accomplish overall. In this sense, you can take a big goal and break it down into smaller, more manageable chunks. It’s so important to keep track of your annual goals in your everyday planner or notepad, as that way, you’re continually keeping them in the center of your life.

Weekly meal plan

Meal planning has become increasingly popular in recent times. Meal planning is a great way to save on time as well as money. And it is so simple to do - it can be done once a week if daily is too taxing. Simply, make a list of what you’re going to eat on each day of the week. If you get stuck for ideas, you can spark some fun into it and give each day a different theme, such as meat-free Monday, pizza Tuesday, and so on.

Gratitude list

One of the best ways to use your notepad is to keep track of a daily ‘thankful list’, a lot of people are joining this movement, stating it’s completely transforming their outlook on life.

It is a proven fact that those who acknowledge what they’re grateful for are a lot more appreciative, happier, and less stressed. You can do it first thing in the morning as a great way to kick start your day, or do it right before you sleep to sit and reflect. It is a great daily activity and a wonderful list to keep a track of.


Your notepad is an excellent place to track everything related to your health and well-being. It is especially easy if you are the type of person to carry your planner with you throughout the day, meaning you can keep track of your health without too much effort. Some different things you can keep a track of are:

  • Daily water intake
  • Medicine tracker
  • Weight loss tracker
  • Body measurements
  • Medicine tracker
  • Food diary

These are just a few things you can keep track of to improve your productivity, motivation, and wellbeing on a daily basis.

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