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13 Good and Bad Habits to Stop Today
if You Want to Be More Productive

‘Productivity’ may have a very literal and practical meaning, but today it has become something of a buzzword – an easily stated virtue that apparently guarantees us success. While in truth it hardly guarantees anything at all, ‘getting things done’ is certainly not an offensive pursuit. The problem is that in our smash-and-grab society, we rather tend to put the cart before the horse. We concentrate on ‘boosting productivity’ in order to improve our lives. Instead we should work on our mental and physical well-being – which happens to be a very effective way to increase the quality and quantity of things that get done!

For example, did you know that experts recommend taking a 15-minute break from work every fifty minutes or so? (Every 52 minutes, to be precise). Give your brain a rest. Get your blood pumping with a walk up or downstairs to make a cup of tea. Have a chat. Get some relief from your daily work (whether you enjoy it or not!) and breathe. Not working for a while, taking care of yourself instead, will help you get more done, better.

The people at Quid Corner are pretty big on so-called ‘productivity hacks,’ but they’re also aware that a lot of the stuff we’re told to do for the good of our employers or the economy or whatever is well-meaning nonsense. They’ve created a bright new infographic, reproduced below. It illustrates the 13 things you shouldn’t do if you want to get more done – and backed it up with the science that proves these sometimes counterintuitive ideas true. Ready to put that old horse back in front of the cart?

things to stop doing

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