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Therapist or Psychologist –
Which One Should You Choose?


Taking care of your mental health is extremely important, especially nowadays when it seems that the world is conspiring against triggering the whole human race and just watching how much we can take. Of course, there are people who believe they can take everything without anyone’s help, but that is simply not true. No matter how strong you are, getting the right help and support is rather necessary, which is why you shouldn’t shy away from visiting a mental health professional if you aren’t feeling well.

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Here’s the thing, though. You might be ready to seek for help, but you might not be quite certain which medical professional to visit. There are just so many different areas and terms that you might not be extremely familiar with, which can make this decision of yours rather difficult. For example, you are probably not sure whether you should visit a psychologist or a therapist and chances are that you don’t even know the difference between those two.

Before I get to explaining the difference and helping you understand which particular expert you should visit, let me make one thing perfectly clear. There is no such thing as going to the wrong doctor. Why? Well, no matter which one of these experts you visit, they’ll try to help you and, in case they realize that it’s not their help you need, they will gladly refer you to a different mental health professional.

If, however, you want to get it right on your first try, then I suggest you keep on reading. In this article, we will explain what it is that these different experts can do for you precisely, which will help you understand the difference between them. Consequently, once you are finished, you will be able to decide which one of them you should visit. Click this to learn more about these differences right away.


Let me start by explaining what a psychologist actually is and what this expert can do for you precisely. Basically, this is a social scientist who is trained in studying human behavior and their mental processes. They need to have a degree in this particular field in order to be called psychologists in the first place and those degrees can range from a bachelor’s to a doctorate.

Not every psychologist is a therapist, though, which is the first thing you should understand. These professionals can decide to do therapy if they want to, which is when they will need to complete additional training. Their main task is to diagnose the problems that their patients are dealing with and they often work in collaboration with psychiatrists.

After diagnosing the issue, psychologists try to determine what the best course of action could be when it comes to treating a certain patient. This is when their collaboration with psychiatrists actually comes into play, since they can refer patients to those health professionals if they find it necessary. Psychiatrists can then prescribe medications if needed, while psychologists cannot do that. In addition to working with patients, psychologists can also do a lot of research that can lead to major breakthroughs in the field of mental health.



Now, in order to understand whether you should visit a psychologist or therapist, you will need to get properly acquainted with the term “therapist” in the first place. People are often not quite familiar with what it means, which leads to them making the wrong assumptions and getting the wrong ideas about how these professionals can help them. So, let us now shed some light on this particular profession and thus help you understand whether these experts could actually help you with the problem that you are facing.

Generally, this is a rather broad term that encompasses different kinds of trained and licensed professionals that can provide various types of treatments to people. Among other things, therapists can be social workers, marriage counselors, psychoanalysts, or life coaches. Their degrees can also vary, meaning that they might have a degree in psychology, psychiatry, substance abuse, social work, family counseling and many other fields. The main goal of these professionals is to support their patients and guide them towards making effective decisions on their own

In order to be able to perform therapy, they’ll need to have gone through proper training and to have obtained a license. The above basically means that psychologists can be therapists, but they don’t need to. Similarly, a therapist doesn’t necessarily need to be a psychologist. So, if you want to do talk therapy, you should search for this professional and check their degree in order to be able to determine what kind of knowledge they might have and what kind of help they can provide you with.

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