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Coaching: Your Thoughts Can Transform Your Life!

By Noreen Sumpter

Coaching, a wonderful experience shared between two people or a group. A Coach is a person that stands for you, a person that sees you at your fullest potential. A Coach does not judge you or tell you what to do. A coach reflects and listens to you, so that you can begin to hear yourself in a very powerful way. A coach helps you bring out the best you that is the real you.

As a coach, I am not concerned about what you do, as long as you are doing the thing that makes you happy and productive. As long as you create an action that has you shift closer to the fulfillment of your desires. I coach you to face your biggest fears/demons or challenges. I coach in a holistic way. I look at the whole person whether I am coaching you about your life or coaching you about your business. I look at all of you. I look at the areas that make up the complete you. Career, finances, well being, fun creativity, relationships, health, and your physical environment.

Coaching is a privilege that you give yourself. It is an opportunity to spend time speaking completely about you. As a coach, I do not judge, or assess you. My job is to support you. I am your white board where you can see and hear yourself. You get an opportunity to have someone listen to you from that pure place.

Today, many people are very unhappy. They know deep in their core what they want to do with their lives. However, they are afraid of failing. So, they stay on jobs or careers day after day that rob them of their vitality. Many people stick with careers that their parents, created for them before they could even talk. Furthermore, people today have outgrown their jobs or careers. They find themselves stuck. They are stuck saying that they will never make a living at the thing that makes them happy. They are stuck in the thoughts that their desires are not realistic.

Think for a moment, what would your life look like if you went for your passion? Would you be in love with your life?

The following is a story of one of my clients who transformed her thinking, which helped transform her behavior and attitude about herself, and was able to create a job that she loves and is on her way to creating her life in the space of love.

Client X came to me for coaching as she saw that it was an opportunity, I had given her a trial period. I offer my clients a trial, to make sure that we understand and appreciate each other. She was very receptive and open to growing and learning about herself through coaching. We used the various models and went through all the areas. She saw that her life was out of balance.

Client X was a ball of stress, worrying and self doubting. She was on a job that was not nurturing and supportive, she was not having any fun, and her physical environment was not conducive for growth. She had been told by her senior to get her quotas up by a certain time or lose her job. She was upset and afraid. Quality work, education and generosity were one of her needs. This company was not providing for her needs. Rushing production did not support her needs. The equipment she worked on was extremely important and is used widely in all hospitals universally, so she felt she needed time and full understanding when working on them. Rushing for her meant putting lives at risk.

She started the search for a new position months before I met her and she was getting nowhere fast. When I met her, Client X had no clarity as to what her new job would entail or the directions she was taking. She had been sending out resumes searching the net and newspapers. She was not getting any results. What she saw was that she had no real direction, goal or focus. She had no idea how much money she wanted to make. She had been doing what she had always done. Behaving in the way she always had. She was fearful and upset. She was out of communication with her joy, her purpose and her needs. Money was one of the issues that she was not comfortable with. She had been in her field for 20 years. She knew she was underpaid. Money made her very uncomfortable, and she didn’t know that she did not have the courage to ask for what she wanted.

Ultimately, what we saw was that she had to have a conversation about her worth. Worth showed up in her physical environment: 40 years old but still using furniture she had when she was teenager. Never bought anything for herself, "not worth it." She had no idea of the kind of money that she wanted to make and what she wanted to make it for. Even the thought of money made her uncomfortable.

By shadowing her, she was able to see that her feelings were valid and her feelings were quite normal. By reviewing the holistic model we focused on these areas and we were able to come up with actions that had her focus and create directions. Her attitude became more positive. She began to see where she was being negative. She slowed her thinking down. With this, she was able to manage her fear and anxieties.

Client X is now able to go to the job and operate on a day to day basis. She saw that she was no longer future tripping which took her into the space of negativity and anxiety. The experience of her job became an opportunity. She was able to use all the resources and benefits provided to her.

What she accomplished was attracting. She attracted a new job to herself, which paid her more money than she had ever earned in her life. She also got the courage to accept an offer to look at a job in another state. She sees that if she creates a goal, with focus she is able to have it manifest. Client had experienced being present, happiness, positivist and calm. Taking weekly actions, she was able to create balance. Being more focused, having fun with her friends. Building a strong supportive network... Creating balance was a great part of the coaching process.

Client X is moving to another state, she created the kind of environment she wanted to live in. She created that apartment and received what she wanted down to the letter. She is now getting ready to live in an apartment that she created completely. Her relationships with her friends and family have transformed. Her family are still the same people. However, what has happened is that she has created space for herself. She has eradicated tolerations and incompletion, and she is happy to be growing in leaps and bounds. She realizes that she will continue to grow as she gets older.

I am open to having conversations with you, if you would like to speak with me about coaching. I love what I do. I love having people win at their games.

Noreen Sumpter is a certified Life and Personal Coach based in Brooklyn, New York. Her job is to challenge you, make you accountable, acknowledge your successes, celebrate them, and give you a place where you can be 100% yourself with no judgment and just live. Telephone 718-834-9450, e-mail or visit Noreen Sumpter
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