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Learned Optimism

One of the most common medical complaints in today’s fast paced world is stress. You may perceive stress to be psychological or emotional in nature but the reality is, stress is also linked to a great number of physiological illnesses which could have been avoided if stress had been eliminated, or at the very least, reduced to a manageable level. If you find that life is getting the better of you because you are being blasted from every which direction, there are some things you can do to get your levels of stress under control. And the best news? You can get stress under control for good.

Begin by Finding a Mentor

In the words of the famous English poet John Donne, “No man is an island.” You are not on this world alone and you should never try to live in a vacuum of your own making. If you are facing issues that are beyond your control, a mentor or life coach is someone who can be at your side on the rocky roads you are traveling. Not only have they been there before and done that before but they can listen to what you are saying – really listen. Most often just the simple fact that someone is listening helps you draw out your own solutions as you talk. In fact, a life coach isn’t there to find your answers but to give you the tools to find your own solutions.

Learn to Remove Yourself and See Things Objectively

Some might call this a form of ‘out-of-body’ travel but what you hope to achieve here is to put yourself in a deep state of relaxation. Use what works best for you. Some use yoga deep breathing exercises, others use guided imagery and others yet have learned to reach deep inside to that place of quiet, of solitude where they see nothing and feel nothing. It is here that you can literally leave yourself behind and step out to see what you are going through as if from the perspective of another individual. When you are too close to a situation you are bound to it emotionally but when seeing it through the eyes of another, you are able to see possibilities that your personal feelings prevented you from seeing.

Natural Alternatives to Prescription Medications

Finally, there is one thing you need to learn not to do. If you have been seeing a professional psychologist or counselor to help you with stress reduction, chances are you will be prescribed some sort of medication that is meant to help you relax. Most often these are in a class called benzodiazepines. Yes, these do help to relax you and counteract anxiety but there are also dangers of benzodiazepines that can lead to even greater levels of stress and anxiety when you stop taking them and many of the physical side effects are as yet unknown. Some people look for natural alternatives such as chamomile or valerian root tea while others investigate types of marijuana strains that have been cultivated for their relaxing and therapeutic benefits. Some are high in medicinal properties and low in psychoactive properties. In other words, you are not looking to get high, you are seeking the medical benefit of deep relaxation.

You can get stress under control for good but you probably can’t do it alone. Get a life coach who will be available to you in your need, even if for nothing else but to ‘be there.’ Learn to relax and see your problems from a different perspective and find natural alternatives to chemical pharmaceuticals which can do more harm than good. It’s going to be a journey but your destination is peace. On your journey, “May the road rise up to meet you and the wind be always at your back.” You have your map and you are not alone – may the winds of change lead you forward to that stress free place you never thought you’d find.

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