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How Can Strategies Help You Win in Life?

With all the life advice, strong-mentality tactics, and financial and business improvement plans out there, it’s easy to feel a little overwhelmed when you’re trying to work out how to ‘win in life’.

The truth be told, no one method will help everybody win in life. And, although you might not want to hear this, not everybody will reach every goal they have. However, there are some clear steps you can take to become a little more in control than, say, playing craps online casino, and it’s by having a clear strategy detailing what you want to achieve…

‘Extraordinary lives don’t happen by accident’ – Grant Cardone

That’s right. 99% of the time, successful people don’t just fall into that $200k/per year job, that multi-million-pound contract pro football contract, or that CEO position at a huge company.

Oh no. What about all those celebrities out there, whose lives we idolize? The majority of them are from the same beginnings as you or I. Now, everybody has dreams and goals, but what is it that sets the winners apart from your average Joe?

The winners have and have always had, a plan.

Think of life as one big exam. To be successful in an exam, you need to revise, right? But not every revision method will work for you. In order to revise effectively, you’ve got to choose a strategy that works for you, and implement that into a revision plan to allow you to achieve smaller goals (e.g. in life, buying that car, investing in one share of that company, getting that first promotion) which, in the long run, will culminate and you’ll achieve your ultimate aim.

How do you create this plan?

Author and Productivity Coach Jeff Sanders has talked about several ways in which strategizing can help one reach their ultimate goal – whether that be a certain lifestyle, family goal, work goal, or level of wealth or charity.

He speaks of six different questions you can answer that will give you a purpose. A meaning of existence. We always need to break the big questions down into smaller ones, to work back up and understand the big ones.

Identity: Who are you?

Purpose: Why are you here?

Mission: What is the one thing you hope to be remembered for? And what are you doing today to make sure that you are remembered for it?

Vision: What does the accomplishment of your mission look like? What are the tactics you will employ?

Values: What characteristics do you value the most?

Goals: What are your specific objectives, both strategic and tactical? What is your timeline to accomplish these goals?

When you can answer these questions, you’ll have a better understanding of what you want. From there, it will become easier to create a plan that works for you and your lifestyle.

You always have a choice…

Ever heard the quote ‘Be yourself, because everybody else is already taken’?

Well, this is totally true when developing a life strategy. You see, your strategy has to be personal. There’s no point in trying to copy somebody else, because their path is crafted around their life circumstances. For example, there’s no point trying to have the same financial plan as a 73-year-old millionaire with no children and multiple income streams, when you have three children and are working a 9-5 job.

Whilst you can take pointers and advice from the way they developed their earnings there is no point in copying them. Why? Because, well, you can’t.

And this is where it’s important to remember you have a choice. You can either look at these people as untouchable, God-chosen successes, and resign yourself to the FACT that your life won’t ever be exactly like theirs (because you are literally different people), OR you can learn from them. You can adapt your strategy to incorporate their teachings and pearls of wisdom and set yourself on a trajectory that will allow YOU to win.

Visualize it. But also write it down.

No matter your mental strength, fortitude, resilience, and ambition, you can’t get by, purely by thinking and wanting. You may want to have that ideal lifestyle and know exactly what it looks like in your mind. But what do you need to do to ACTUALLY achieve it?

Many people look for goal planning journals to note down what they’ll do over some time in order to achieve a goal. However, you don’t need to buy one of these to do the same. A simple notebook will suffice.

Write down your ultimate aim, whether that be physical, emotional, financial, or business-wise. Then, note down what you’ll do every month to achieve this. Make these small steps realistic and achievable and HOLD YOURSELF to them. For example:

‘My ultimate aim is to run a 20km marathon by the New Year’

How will I do this?

‘January – Go on 26/31 dog walks this month’

‘February – Buy a gym membership and spend 10 minutes on the treadmill for 15 days. On the 16thday, increase this to 15 minutes’

‘March – Increase this time to 20 minutes, and begin going in 15-minute runs three times a week’

Etc. etc.

By writing down your steps to your aim, your STRATEGY is more realistic. It will become easier to stick to, because you’re making a conscious effort to stay on the plan that you PHYSICALLY made. Suddenly, the goal is more real, rather than only in your head.

Similarly, monthly goals are long enough to take slowly and to adapt if need be, but short enough to get you to your goal ASAP.

Remember that only you can make the change you wish to see. Work out what you want, write down how you’re going to do it, taking advice from the best, and be disciplined in executing your plan. Before you know it, you’ll be closer to where you want to be.

‘Great things don’t come from comfort zones.’

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