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Stop Thinking and Start Doing – Reasons Why People Do Not Take Action

Start Doing

By Jack Vitel

Most people encounter failure because they do not know how to make the first step towards their goal to begin with. Let’s say you have set these realistic and achievable goals, but for some reason, you can’t take any action. Why is that?

People usually withhold doing a specific action or task because they think it is unachievable or they are just setting themselves up for failure. However, what they do not realize is that the action itself is not the hard part, but the first move—to initiate the movement and start that first step.

Sounds familiar? Picture this: You already have a plan that you will go to the gym but you feel lazy all of a sudden. You already think that your workout will exhaust and drain all your energy but what you do not know is the thing that’s stopping you is that first step where you have to prepare your stuff and leave the house.

Same goes to writing an article. The hardest part is not to think of a topic or write an outline. No, the hardest part is to turn on your laptop and open a new document. Trust me, once you start typing, your ideas will flow continuously.

Top Reasons Why People Do Not Take Action:

Listed below are the top two reasons that hinder people from taking that first actionable step:

  1. Fear:
    Isn’t fear one of the top reasons that block you from doing anything and stop you from achieving everything? In motivating yourself to achieve your goal, fear is most probably your number one enemy. The most common type of fear that stops us from taking one step forward is the fear of failure. We are so afraid of disappointing others and ourselves that we just choose to avoid taking action instead of facing the result that lies ahead. This fear of failure fuels our mindset to think of thousand possible negative outcomes that justify our inaction.
  2. Procrastination:
    Most challenges when it comes to productivity arise through one common problem: Procrastination. This is your leading culprit for your lack of initiative to take action. Procrastination is simply the state of delaying or avoiding doing the things for a much later date for multiple factors:
    • You are too intimidated to start the process.
    • As mentioned, you are scared of what lies in the result.
    • You are not motivated by the reward.
    • You think you have too much time to spare.
    The danger of procrastination is the act of withholding your task for a later day until it becomes a habit—a routine that is nearly impossible to stop.

How to Successfully Take Action:

Now that you are aware of the factors that distract you from taking action and achieving your goal, it is now time that you learn the simple strategies on how you can successfully begin your journey to success.

  • Take Control of Your Thoughts:
    This may sound scary but the first step into taking control of the situation you are in (i.e. taking that first step) is to beat your subconscious into submission. The concept of fear and procrastination comes to life because of thoughts like, “I don’t think I can do this”, “I am scared”, or “I can do this later”. Something will always feel wrong or will make you second-doubt your goal, and your subconscious will take advantage of that.
  • Learn How to Be Mindful of Yourself and Your Thought Process:
    You are not your own thoughts—do not let it control you. Instead of thinking you “should”, try telling yourself that you “must”. This simple change in your way of thinking can already do a lot. Put your thoughts into action. Stop planning, stop second-guessing, and start doing.
  • Know Your Whys:
    Instead of entrapping yourself in an endless loop of “What ifs” and doubts, start reminding yourself of your “Whys”. Channel in the reasons why these actions are detrimental for your growth. Questions like “Why should I do this action?”, and “Why is it important for me?” will give you a wakeup call and motivate you to get moving. It is always helpful to get a clear picture of your goals and desires to steer you in the right direction.
  • Make it a Habit:
    If you are trekking your way to success, then you must have a set of productive and successful habits integrated into your daily routine. Your routine reflects how you tackle your goals. Do you make sure to finish your to-do list? Or is lying on your bed 5 hours a day a part of your routine? Taking actionable steps is intimidating to some, yes, but once you get the hang of it, it will feel like a walk in the park.

    Try to incorporate sitting on your desk and turning on your computer every morning and you will notice that your fear of starting to write no longer exists. Make it a habit to immediately change your pajamas into your workout clothes the moment you wake up. Start with easy, measurable habits and you can make your progress from there.

There is no success without action and there is no growth without progress. There is no better time to get a head start on your personal growth than now. Stop waiting and start doing!

About the Author:
Jack Vitel is a self-development and relationship coach at, where he helps men achieve their goals and take full control of their life.
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