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How to Set and Measure
Personal Development Goals

Set goals

By Xavier James

As human beings, it is essential that we self-reflect and strive for our personal development. Personal development goals can vary from person to person but the initial aim should be to figure out one's shortcomings and improve them. By setting personal development goals a person can improve their personality and habits effectively. The first step, however, is to identify the need to improve and become a better individual.

The journey towards a better self is never-ending and requires a lot of effort. The person who is setting goals for himself must be fully aware of the strengths and shortcomings that he possesses. Carpet cleaners Windsor advises to follow your passion and continue to become a better version of yourself. Following are some of the ways through which you can set and measure your personal development goals:

Realize the Need

Self-development means different things to different people, but the realization that you need to develop better habits is the key. Personal development goals can revolve around good habits, healthy activities, and being content with what you do.

In order to really know yourself and what you want to become, you must ask yourself questions like:

  • Where am I today and what would be a better version of me?
  • How much time should it take for me to become twice the better person as I am today?
  • What are the long and short-terms goals of my personal growth?
  • How do I prioritize?

What matters to you the most?

Figuring out your passion tells you what drives you internally; what you are passionate about. Some people find it important to pay their fair share in this world by creating something that adds value. Some people feel the need to give others in order to feel better about themselves. Figuring out what matters to you the most can help you align your values with it. Most of the time people spend time doing things that they don’t internally feel good about, so it is essential to figure out what matters to you the most.

Don’t doubt your potential

Most of the times people tend to underestimate what they are capable of. Doubting your potential is the worst thing you can do to yourself. Often people think they are incapable of certain things without even having tried them. This limits you from reaching your highest potential and is detrimental to your growth. To grow and achieve your personal development goals, you must never doubt your internal prowess.

Identifying whether you are giving enough attention to the important things as required, is essential, as is self-reflecting on your time and energies.

Develop one habit at a time

Set goals

While self-reflecting, people think of multiple things they need to work on but that usually overwhelms them and they end up doing nothing. It is better to form short term goals and try to work achieve them step by step. You can break down your bigger goals into shorter goals to make it easy for yourself. There are practical ways to develop a habit in 20-60 days.

Always pay attention to consistency, no matter how small of a habit you are trying to work on. Consistency is the key to developing new habits and only your will power can keep you consistent.

Time Management

Another essential aspect when it comes to self-development is to manage your time wisely. Too often we tend to spend our time on activities that are not even important. For example, scrolling on social media for hours or chit-chatting on phones for a countless number of hours.

It is always a good practice to prioritize your daily tasks, write them down in a journal and then schedule your time accordingly. Assign time for each activity of your day so that you can figure out how productive you have been throughout the entire day.

Better social circle

It is no secret that the people you surround yourself with have the greatest impact on you. If you sit with people who are not motivated and spend their time doing nothing, you will ultimately become one of them. In order to focus on your personal development and growth, you must surround yourself with positive people. Staying amidst productive people can help you improve and develop better habits that you never even thought of before.


It is important to realize that you should never stop learning. A person should keep increasing in knowledge until the days he dies, therefore always have the attitude of a learner. No matter how learned you are, there is always room for improvement and learning. Develop the habit of always learning about things no matter if it’s historical, geographical, arts or whatever field it may be.

Making a list

If you keep on doing all the thinking in your head, chances are you’ll forget. It is good to write down your areas of improvement so that you can, later on, look at them and analyze them.

Note down:

  • Your strengths and weaknesses
  • Areas to improve
  • How to improve
  • Daily steps
  • The books you want to read
  • The things/ people you need to avoid, etc.

Maintain your progress

Another practice that you can adopt is to keep track of your progress and success. Monitoring your personal growth will keep you motivated and encourage you to continue doing your best. Self-progress and development are time-taking processes and it requires a lot of hard work, as well as patience to achieve those small goals. Don’t be too hard on yourself; give yourself enough time to improve. The process of self-development is dynamic and continues throughout your life. Make sure to:

  • Set realistic goals
  • Assess the progress
  • Give yourself mini treats or rewards.
  • Give yourself small penalties for not achieving the said goals.

The above-mentioned are some of the ways that can help you to develop healthy habits and become a better individual. For every human being, whether a homemaker, a professional, a student, or otherwise, there is always a need to set goals that will help towards their personal growth and development. Stay committed, stay consistent, and you will become a better version of yourself.

About the Author:
Xavier James is an information system engineer and a certified digital marketing trainer with a passion for writing, designing and anything tech-related.
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