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Life Vocation

By Judee Regan

We are called to something... there is a purpose why we are here.

If you see life that way, read on. Life is the physical, mental and spiritual experiences that constitute existence; and vocation is an inclination, a response to a summons, a calling to undertake a certain kind of work. Thus, a life vocation is a call to the great work of your life, the work that you are to do in this world.

With all the fine minds that have been developed in the 20th and 21st century, it seems to be perfectly logical that there would be many human beings who at this time have very specific gifts to bring to the world. This is not a difficult concept to accept if you already believe that you are here for a purpose.

There is no doubt that we humans need help to deal with the unprecedented chaos and change that is as overwhelming as it is bewildering. Our world needs Conscious Leaders, people who are willing to speak their truth; to question that which normally is accepted without thought; to oppose cultural myths, whether they be about our systems or our relationships; and finally to challenge the accepted patterns of how we work, and creatively craft the unfolding landscape of how we die.

You will know if a life vocation is part of your life if...

  • You have a destiny dream, a dream of some future, yet unknown service, that you will offer to the world
  • You have a sense or feeling that you are here to do a certain kind of work
  • You have put in the effort to discover what that work might be
  • You believe your life experiences are getting you ready for what you are to do
  • You know there is more
  • You know you are to make a contribution even if you are not sure what that might be
  • You have had moments when you got a sense of what was coming...of what your contribution might be
  • You sense that when you find it you will know
  • You know you will be able to make a difference
  • You know you have a date with destiny

Recently someone who had heard my views on life purpose, assured me that the whole thing was nonsense. They said that it was through random selection that we are here, and it is completely stupid to think otherwise. Much thought has been given to what that person had to say since then. I am suspicious that in childhood they - maybe more than most - accepted as truth the things they were told they would never be able to do. Issues of self-worth are a challenge for most of us at some time in our life, and with that type of early training, no wonder.

Whatever the case, even someone who believes they have no predefined purpose on this earth, has a purpose to live their life as best they can. My new book, "We Don't Die Well In The Western World: A Message of Hope," addressed the topic in this fashion.

Each of us has a purpose in life, a reason for being. However, it is not uncommon that the possibility of purpose in our life is squelched from the beginning. We receive messages that tell us: why would you think you are more important than just surviving the daily grind; why would you think you are special?

A purpose in life suggests that you have a higher purpose beyond mere survival and that you as an individual are special. A destiny dream presents the possibility of a calling or a vocation, something important you in particular are meant to do that is timely and beneficial to the world.

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Talk, question, agree, disagree but most of all know that whatever your response, it is part of an important societal journey, an important process of discovery for each and every one of us.

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