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Changing Seasons - New Beginnings

By Lori Radun

With each changing season, it's a time to reflect on the past and make plans for the future. The seasons of the year can be compared to various cycles of our life. When I think of spring, it reminds me of new growth, opening up, and coming out into the world. Summer is time for sunshine and playtime - many of us vacation and enjoy fun activities. Fall marks change and preparation for the colder months. As winter approaches, our focus shifts to warmth and indoor pastimes like blazing fires, board games and snuggling.

Not every corner of the world enjoys the dramatic shifts in the seasons, but we can all use the changing seasons as a way to purge the old and start fresh. Use this six step process at the end of each season and transform yourself and your life in new and exciting ways.

  1. Clear Out the Old
    Old what? Get rid of old clothes you and other family members no longer wear. Throw out or donate old items you do not use. Clearing out the old involves a process of decluttering every aspect of your life. Not only should you declutter your environments, but also your relationships and yourself as well. What old patterns or beliefs no longer serve you? What old behaviors or habits interfere with your goals in life? It's time to cast them out of your life. What relationships in your life are you struggling with? Maybe there are old arguments that need to be put to rest, or old feelings that need to be resolved. By purging the old, you make room for new growth to take place.
  2. Take Time to Rejuvenate
    End and begin each new season with a getaway that refreshes you physically, emotionally and spiritually. Take a long weekend by yourself or with a special person that fills you up. Do things you don't normally do for yourself. I recently spent a three day weekend with my mom - just the two of us. We shopped, talked over tea, and watched movies. One day we stopped for a manicure and luxurious pedicure. For me, it was like heaven to sit in a huge massage chair with my feet dipped in warm, bubbly water. Taking time to rejuvenate gives you energy and a fresh outlook on life.
  3. Reorganize Your Life
    Organization does wonders for your life. It simplifies, energizes and generally makes life run smoother. Take a look around your home. What needs better organization? Cabinets, drawers and closets are usually an excellent place to start. I recently reorganized my office. I rearranged the furniture, added more storage, updated my filing system and hung new pictures on the walls. For me, it helps me gear up for a busy speaking season and clears my mind to create new ideas. Reorganization can also involve creating new routines in your life. Now is the time to introduce a morning routine, chore routine, after school routine or any other new routine that would help manage your life.
  4. Try on a New Focus
    With a new season comes an opportunity to try new things or focus on something different. The purpose of this process is to grow and stretch you in ways that will bring about positive change in your life. Pick an area in yourself that you would like to develop. Perhaps you'd like to learn a new skill or take up a new hobby. Maybe you're tired of living in fear and you'd like to cultivate courage. Perhaps your marriage could benefit from better communication or conflict resolution skills. This season another coaching peer and I have decided to work through a book together that will help each of us examine our personal relationship with money. Whatever it is, make a commitment to educate yourself, engage in personal discovery, and mature in your new focus.
  5. Renew Commitments
    Do you have commitments you've made to yourself or other people that have fallen by the wayside? Commitments to be on time, exercise regularly, eat healthier, and stop procrastinating are all examples of promises that can be renewed. We don't have to wait for a new year - a new season (or any other time, for that matter) is an excellent time to start anew. What commitments did you keep last season that you want to continue? I kept a very detailed and organized work schedule that significantly helped balance my life. I am committing to continue that in the new season. Take time to think about your life and the intentions you want to set for the coming season.
  6. Set Goals
    How do we incorporate all these new changes into our life? We set goals that enable us to reorganize, recommit, and refocus on growth. Looking ahead to the end of this next season, what would you like to accomplish by then? Make a list of 3-5 goals to focus on for the new season. Make your goals specific. I want to organize all my closets. Your goals should be measurable. I want to lose weight vs. I want to lose 20 pounds. Set goals that are reasonable and achievable. Ask yourself if your goals are realistic. Anticipate any obstacles that may stand in the way of achieving your goals - make plans to conquer those obstacles. Lastly, make sure your goals are time-oriented. Set an exact date your goals will be attained. By setting goals and mapping out the tasks it will take to accomplish these goals, you are increasing your chances of creating what you want.

The changing season is a new beginning - an opportunity to recreate your life.

Copyright © 2006 Lori Radun, CEC
Lori Radun, CEC is a certified life coach for moms.

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